You’re missing out by not being on Instagram

why you need instagram

When it comes to new technology and trends, I can usually be categorized as a “late majority” adopter on the curve. It basically took me until 2016 to catch up to 2012. I didn’t purchase a smartphone until a few years ago. I ride a pterodactyl to work. I even still play my old Nintendo games, as evidenced by my personal Instagram account. Oh, and I didn’t have an Instagram until around September, meaning I was officially the last human being in the U.S. to sign up.

I’m only sort of exaggerating. Did you know that over one third of all American internet users are on Instagram? That may not seem like a lot of people, but it is. And if the 300 million active monthly users doesn’t sound enticing for your brand, consider that Instagram is projected to rake in approximately $2.81 billion in mobile ad revenue in 2017.

If you’re already leaving this article to set up an Instagram account for your business, then I guess I’ve done my job. But if you’re still reading for some reason, I’ve still probably done my job, because my job is to get you to read things, which is what you are currently doing.

It’s just that you should also have an Instagram for your business. Here’s why:

You can still totally dominate your niche

I didn’t mean to say “totally” like I’m from southern California or something. I think I meant it somewhat literally.

Instagram is old enough to have been mentioned on Season 5 of Parks and Recreation, but it’s still young enough that new users can dominate their respective niches. Beside the fact that, like, 300 percent of the world’s population is on Instagram — or whatever the aforementioned statistic was — there’s still plenty of uncharted territory to metaphorically pioneer over yonder in Instagram country. While the picture sharing platform may be saturated with personal accounts, there is still plenty of time for businesses to establish a solid presence before competition becomes a formidable barrier to success. Even if you’re a late adopter, like myself.

Top brands on Instagram see a bonkers engagement rate

Wow, I’ve never used the word “bonkers” before. I feel ashamed.

But you know what? If your company isn’t on The Gram, then you should feel ashamed. Because you’re missing out on an engagement rate that is 120 times greater than that of Twitter, and 58 times greater than that of Facebook. And in case you didn’t know, engagement is good.

And yet some companies might be hesitant to take advantage of these impossibly high engagement rates, because they are under the impression that Instagram’s main demographic is women under 25. Well, fine. It’s true that there are more women than men on Instagram. And it is also true that most users are between the ages of 18 and 29.

But… dude. Even if Insta primarily consists of some other demographic you’re not trying to target, there are still 300 million active users on The Gram. AND. And, approximately 24 percent of the entire adult population uses Instagram. So if you’re reluctant to put your brand on the social photo sharing platform because you believe there’s a disconnect between your target market and Instagram’s population, you are most likely misinformed.

And I didn’t mean to say “dude,” either. Especially because gender neutrality is important.

Visual content performs hella good

“Hella good?” What is wrong with me right now? Why do I keep saying these things?

In general, internet users are much more likely to read or watch content that includes visuals. People are approximately 80 percent more likely to read content if it includes colorful pictures and stuff. Furthermore, most marketers claim that visual content is the most important marketing tactic for their brand.

Besides. Somebody needs to see all of your pictures of Professor Kittensworth. I’ll like them for sure.

Now that you have a better understanding of why your business should be on Instagram, maybe it’s time you figure out how to market yourself of the Internet’s premiere photo sharing platform. You know what’s crazy about that? We already have a free e-book on the subject for you! Download your copy of The Complete Guide to Marketing on Instagram right now! It’s a sick read, indeed.

Wow, what is my problem today?