What you need to know about blogging for the unbloggable

writing blogs for boring businessesIf you’re familiar with inbound marketing, then you must be aware that content is a major contributor to your marketing success, with blogging being an especially important component. Knowing this, maybe you feel disappointed because you believe your business isn’t exciting enough to write about and attract audiences. But don’t hang your head low just yet. So what if you’re a dirt salesman, a paper manufacturer, or a professional mud pie maker? (Note: AGENCY H does not express any sentiment of superiority over these professions.) You’re not trying to entertain the masses, you’re trying to reach a target audience!

This is the first concept to keep in mind when blogging for a business you feel is too tough to blog for: your target audience wants to read what you write. The nature of your business alone will attract those who are already interested in, or searching for, information relevant to your line of work. From this point, the trick is to be more attractive than others in your field.

Try out some of the following techniques to stay a level above your competition:

1. Use conversational language

For real, try it. See what we just did? Oooooh, we did it again too. Twice in one line of text, we were informal and relatable with the language we chose to use. Communicate at a level on par with the average member of your target audience. Don’t rely on industry jargon, or use large words to sound smart, or employ an extensive and sophisticated lexicon to portray a countenance of erudition. Doing so usually results in chasing your audience away because nobody wants to have to reread a sentence multiple times to understand its meaning.

The art to using conversational language is to be both relaxed and professional. Walk the line between both options. Lean too professional, and you’ll overwhelm your audience. Be too relaxed, and you’ll insult their intelligence or fail to provide them with the information they need. The best way to know if your language is successfully conversational is to read your blog over at least a day after your wrote it. Approaching your writing with a fresh mind is a great way to discover areas that need to be changed. Read it outloud and decide if it sounds friendly and relatable, or not. A friend or coworker can help you figure this out too.

2. Use interesting topics (which you DO have at your disposal)

If you write about a topic related to your business as if it’s boring, then your audience is going to think it’s boring too. Let’s say you sell dirt (again, we’re sorry) and you’re trying to attract visitors to your website. Instead of writing a blog about “The benefits of dirt,” you can choose a more attractive, interesting topic, such as “10 reasons your lawn deserves rich soil.” Notice how the second topic addresses a specific area of interest related to your field, pulling at the curiosity of your target audience. You can do this for any type of business to capture more interest from your readers!

3. Remember the world is bigger than you

Avoid writing too much about your own business. Your viewers will explore your site for information when they feel ready, but they’re not going to get to that stage if your blogs mainly serve to shove information about your business in readers’ faces. If you don’t have any topic ideas, but need to write a post, you can always write an aggregate on news and current events in your industry, or share an educational video or infographic. These are more interesting and helpful for you than writing about why you think your service is the best.

However, at the end of your blog, it’s ok to plug in some information about how to contact you, or an offer that can benefit your reader. This doesn’t interrupt your blog or misconstrue its informative purposes, it allows you to guide your audience towards a next logical step they may be looking to take. Speaking of which…

Your business can attract more leads online than you might imagine! Don’t be disheartened by how “boring” your business is. Contact AGENCY H Inbound today to learn more about inbound marketing now!