UX and inbound: two peas in a pod

user experience and inbound marketing

User experience (UX) design methodologies and inbound marketing go hand in hand. A major aspect of UX design is creating clear paths for a user to access information. Inbound marketing takes a very similar approach: As inbound marketers, we lead the user to a business or service by providing them with information that helps to solve a pain point or need. Combining the powers of UX design and inbound marketing can make a huge impact on the success of your business’ website.

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User experience and inbound marketing

The biggest buzzword in website design right now is UX. UX’s prime principle is that design be centered around the user, not the business, therefore catering navigation and imagery towards the information a user is searching for. Specifically, similar to inbound marketing, UX design compels businesses to stop thinking about themselves and to begin focusing on their customers.

Matching the user experience to the buyer persona

Inbound marketing and UX design focus on the same starting point: the buyer persona. The buyer persona is your ideal customer. It is crucial to know and understand who you want to target and to cater your content towards those users. Once you have identified your customer base, you can tailor your inbound marketing strategy to that specific buyer persona and their pain points to make the buyer’s journey smooth.

Similarly, UX design focuses specifically on usability pain points to make ease of use extremely simple and intuitive for the user persona. If a website is hard to use and not easy to navigate, the user might never reach your beautifully crafted content and never complete their inbound buyer’s journey.

User experience and inbound marketing solve problems

In the end, UX design and inbound marketing are about helping customers solve problems. A thorough UX design and carefully crafted inbound marketing techniques helps users achieve their goals. By utilizing both inbound marketing strategies and UX design methodologies, you ultimately draw in more leads and boost conversion rates.

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