Top social media networks dip into stealth advertising

social-media-stealth-advertisingNow that digital ads have become more interactive and engaging, major social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are working on camouflaging ads to look like actual posts from contacts. These top social networks are concerned that users may start finding digital ads annoying and distracting now that they’ve become more commonplace.

Since its inception, Instagram has been reluctant to introduce digital ads to its platform, knowing that many of its users are creative types who may feel violated or upset about having commercial ads corrupt their feeds. Facebook, which now owns Instagram, says that ads introduced to its photo-sharing platform need to be integrated thoughtfully and carefully without disturbing or offending users.

The social networks have partnered with elite agencies that stay abreast of the most recent trends, and are currently working on developing a series of stealth advertisements. At this time, agencies are saying Facebook will be their biggest challenge, since the social media giant’s largest rival is Google.

To learn more about social networks’ foray into stealth advertising, check out this article posted at Business Insider.

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