Tinder experiments with first advertisement for Budweiser

tinder-new-budweiser-adsTinder is the latest social media app to get its feet wet in advertising. The social dating network has partnered with Budweiser for the release of a special video ad, which will play for Tinder users the next time they open their apps. The Budweiser ad campaign encourages users to join the #UpForWhatever contest as part of the #WhateverUSA campaign using Tinder’s notorious “like” or “pass” feature. 

Tinder’s Budweiser ads will allow users to swipe left or right to “pass” or “like” the contest. If users sign up for the contest, they will have the opportunity to attend a party hosted by Budweiser, as well as a chance to win prizes and meet celebrities. Users who sign up for the contest must take further steps to receive an entry, such as singing a song into a bottle of Bud Light, or swapping sunglasses with friends and posting the photos on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #UpForWhatever.

According to Tinder president and cofounder Sean Rad, Tinder’s advertising team is taking it slow with “testing the advertising waters,” and wants to evaluate how users interact with the new Budweiser ads before partnering with any other major brands. So far, Budweiser’s Tinder ads have been largely successful.

To learn more about Budweiser’s creative advertising partnership with Tinder, check out this article by TechCrunch.