Our three favorite content marketing trends of 2016

content marketing trends of 2016

There’s a reason inbound marketers put a premium on content: Content marketing is like a long-con without the deception. Through a comprehensive content strategy (social media, blogs, newsletters, whitepapers), you’re building a lasting relationship with your consumer (and potential consumers), so that in their eyes, you become the trusted and authoritative voice on your industry.

And right now, content marketing is on the upswing. That shouldn’t surprise you. What might is how fast it’s growing: Today, 88 percent of marketers use a content marketing strategy in some way; that’s up two percent from 2015. What’s more, 76 percent of marketers say they want to up their content game from last year.

What does this mean for your company and your content strategy? Let’s take a look at the top three content marketing trends we’re watching out for in 2016.

User-generated content is huge

Public support for your brand from satisfied customers goes a long way in attracting potential customers for your business. This is where your social media strategy comes in: When people post positively about your product or services, they’re basically handing you content to repost and repurpose for your company. It’s a public endorsement — one you didn’t even have to pay for — and it’s there for you to use to bolster your company’s brand.

Everyone’s a publisher

Raise your hand if the main reason you log on to your Facebook account is to check your newsfeed. Everyone — from your high school bestie to your third cousin — has found a news nugget on the Internet and shared the content to be passed around the social platform, where it gets re-shared hundreds and thousands of times.

To help direct consumers back to the original publishing site, Facebook unveiled its “Instant Articles” earlier this year — which essentially enables websites to publish their content immediately on Facebook as soon as it’s live. This means that publications have more control over when and how their articles are shared. Google is now offering its own version of instant publishing, and we can expect more platforms to follow suit.

Businesses will spend more on quality content

With increased interest in content marketing comes increased budgets for content marketing. This should tell you how important quality content is to businesses: They’re putting their money where the results are. Content marketing is one of the best ways to increase traffic and drive leads to your website. This year, 71 percent of marketers say they plan to up their content marketing spending.

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