The latest internet trends impacting today’s marketers

newest-internet-trendsRecently, at Ad Age’s Digital Conference in San Francisco, Mark Mahaney of RBC Capital Markets announced a series of internet trends that are currently impacting today’s advertisers and marketers. The 10 trends encompassed topics from mobile usage, to social media, to television, and more.

First, Mahaney says that mobile marketing will continue to grow faster than any other type of marketing, and currently accounts for as much as 70 percent of traffic and revenue for some publishers. In terms of social media, Facebook is considered a must-have marketing channel since the service reaches 800 million people per day. Television ads are going to the wayside and moving online, while cloud computing is allowing startups to emerge and compete with larger entities such as Facebook.

Acquisitions are now on the rise, due to companies that have developed apps and sites that can help bigger companies achieve outside-of-the-box marketing and advertising goals. Lastly, alternative payment methods are also on the rise, as are wearable devices.

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