The future of digital advertising in 2015

digital-advertising-futureDigital advertising continues to be on the rise as time as goes by, but presently, the average conversion rate for digital advertising is between two and four percent. Most marketers consider a conversion rate between five and 10 percent akin to winning the lottery, but how do you achieve these stats?

Unfortunately, the most common methods of digital advertising are largely ineffective. For example, display ads attract more robots than actual users, considering that only eight percent out of 85 percent of all clicks on display ads are from actual people. Plus, about 50 percent of all clicks on banner ads are purely accidental.

Over the last decade, banner and display ads have been prevalent across the entire Internet, which could mean that most people have become immune and blind to these types of ads. As a result, brands are continuing to spend thousands or millions of dollars on these types of ad campaigns and benefitting very little.

Considering how digital-ad spending continues to increase, what does the future of digital advertising look like? Take a look at how you can creative effective ads that result in higher conversion for your brand or business.

Focus more on your brand’s message — not on conversion

People who are being encouraged to simply buy a product or service won’t feel very connected to your ad or message. Instead, focus on developing ads that show how people will benefit from your products or services. Play on emotions and develop memorable ads that will truly connect with your target audience.

Offer your consumers a choice

Online consumers don’t like being forced to do things. Don’t force them to follow or like your social media channels, and don’t require them to watch ads in order to view site content. Offer your customers a choice to prevent them from leaving your site and going to that of a competitor’s.

Customize your ads

Develop a series of ads that appeal to the user who is viewing them. For example, if you run a drugstore or business that sells health care and beauty products, you probably won’t attract as many female site visitors who are shown ads for men’s razors and shaving cream. To increase click-through-rates, customize all ads for each of your audiences to make the experience more personalized.

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