Dispatches from the intern desk: What I’ve learned about social at BIGSHOT

dispatches from the intern desk hannah

For the last two months, Hannah Armato has been interning in AGENCY H’s social media department. As her internship winds down, we’ve asked Hannah to jot down some of her thoughts about what she’s learned so far about inbound marketing and agency life. This past year I’ve been second-guessing my marketing degree choice— but as a senior in college, there … Read More

Inbound marketing in the Adblock era

inbound marketing in the adblock era

It’s eight in the morning and you’ve just sat down at your desk. Your face is still pillow-pressed and you’re questioning whether or not you accidentally drank decaf. It’s time to warm up to the world with a little bit of morning news. You pull up whatever your usual Internet stop of the day is — news or otherwise — … Read More

3 best ways to use Snapchat in inbound marketing

With over 100 million daily active users and seven billion video views daily, Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social networks. While its users devote time to snapping photos and recording videos, inbound marketers are busy hammering away at trying to figure out how to use this platform to their advantage.

3 reasons to love Twitter’s new timeline algorithm

The term “algorithm” can induce nightmares in the most savvy and experienced of inbound marketers. Just when you think your website finally meets Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to a tee, the search giant rolls out another algorithm update. Just when you think you’ve finally mastered the art of advertising on Facebook, the social media platform announces an algorithm change to its … Read More

Instagram calms users after algorithm scare

Considering how online algorithm updates have changed the landscape in terms of SEO and SERP, most marketers cringe when they hear the term used in reference to Google Search and social media. While algorithm updates are mainly intended to enhance the user experience, some lesser-prepared inbound marketers view them as bad news and go into a frenzy when they learn … Read More

Facebook launches Delivery Insights for advertisers

Marketing firms that use Facebook Ads Manager can now benefit from a new ad system called Delivery Insights, which helps advertisers identify ad sets that under-deliver. This feature, which began its initial rollout at the end of March, informs advertisers about how their ads compete at auction, and offers recommendations about how to make ads more successful and competitive.

3 amazing YouTube analytics & marketing tools

YouTube is one of the most powerful social media tools you can use to market your business. YouTube belongs to Google, and optimizes videos in a way that helps you attract more clicks and raise brand awareness. Any company can easily create and post videos to YouTube, but how do you really generate views and subscribers? How can you make … Read More

5 tips for creating the most successful Twitter ads

With over 130,000 active advertisers, Twitter is one of social mediaâ€s top advertising platforms after Facebook. Given the micro-blogging platform limits posts to 140 characters, how can your marketing firm develop great messages that generate the likes and retweets they deserve? Should you max out every tweet at 140 characters, or get creative using fewer words? Should you add images, … Read More

9 major changes hitting your favorite social media platforms this year

So you’ve finally gotten used to the newest features on your favorite social media platforms, only to learn that more algorithm changes to Twitter and Facebook could interfere with the strategies you’ve worked so hard to master. Or, maybe you’re wondering why all of a sudden, your engagement rates on Instagram and Snapchat have started soaring, while nobody seems to … Read More

3 hot social media apps to try in 2016

Social media has taken our world by storm, and it’s not going away anytime soon! Using social media to promote your business is one of the top ways to engage consumers with your brand, and should be included as part of your inbound marketing strategy. Social media trends are constantly evolving, and are now the go-to platforms for communication between … Read More

Customer service matters: How Facebook is changing

If you run your company’s Facebook business page, you may have noticed a change in your ability to privately message customers about their experience. This occurred when Facebook curtailed the organic reach of page posts. However, the total number of private messages sent from customers to business pages doubled in the past year, according to the social networking giant. In addition, people post about 2.5 billion public comments on pages each month. And in September, Facebook even redesigned business pages in order to make them the mobile customer-service hub for companies.

5 ways social media will change for companies in 2016

With more than two billion active social media users worldwide (and climbing), this form of communication has expanded across all generations and industries. Many businesses have begun to notice the importance of this channel and the positive outcomes from using it, including increased exposure and boosted sales.

Facebook’s Instant Articles delivers content … well … instantly

You might have noticed something different about Facebook in the last week. No, Facebook did not get a haircut or acquire new shoes or receive its doctorate degree in viticulture and oenology; it now allows for Instant Articles, which make reading on your phone faster and easier.

Improving your off-page SEO results with social media

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing your webpages’ visibility by using unpaid search methods that focus on attracting organic traffic. Most search engine optimizers agree that producing useful, informative content with the user in mind is the biggest step you can take to increase your pages’ visibility.

Twitch Creative allows users to watch artists work

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the Twitch brand and what it’s all about, allow us to explain: Twitch.tv is a popular platform for online, live-streaming videos where users can watch their favorite gamers play their favorite games.