Best SEO strategies for your medical practice

medical practice seo strategies

Search engines connect interested readers with relevant content, and optimizing your online presence can help to boost your website’s visibility when individuals search for services and information that your practice provides. Optimizing your web presence requires some serious marketing chops to perform effectively, contact AGENCY H Inbound for your free assessment today! Finding the right keywords, producing high quality content, … Read More

A last look at inbound marketing with BIGSHOT

brief review of inbound marketing

I’m leaving, y’all. Take a moment to handle this news as you see fit. When you’re done crying, please read on! Don’t worry, don’t worry. I haven’t given up on inbound marketing. I still think it’s the best option for effectively reaching potential clients and converting them into leads and customers! But, I have different plans for my life. This … Read More

How to find the right keywords for your content

building a keyword strategy

Before the summer of 2015, if you had entered the term “just do it” in a search engine, your results would most likely be related to Nike. However, that fateful summer, a young man named Shia LaBeouf was seen in a motivational video screaming “Just do it!” at viewers. To this day, if you search that term, the top results … Read More