Best SEO strategies for your medical practice

medical practice seo strategies

Search engines connect interested readers with relevant content, and optimizing your online presence can help to boost your website’s visibility when individuals search for services and information that your practice provides. Optimizing your web presence requires some serious marketing chops to perform effectively, contact AGENCY H Inbound for your free assessment today! Finding the right keywords, producing high quality content, … Read More

Why your cosmetic surgery practice needs a website

inbound marketing for cosmetic surgery

How often do potential patients randomly stop by your office to look at brochures, posters, and details about cosmetic surgery procedures? If this rarely or never happens, it’s because today’s patients normally use the Internet to research plastic surgery clinics and the procedures they offer. To learn more about what a website can do for your cosmetic surgery practice, contact … Read More

3 Convenient ways to attract millennials to your medical practice

attracting millennials to medical practices

Maybe it doesn’t seem urgent at the moment, but attracting a younger crowd to your medical practice is important for keeping your business alive. Or maybe it does seem urgent, and that’s exactly why you’re reading this article for information on how to attract millennials to your medical practice. Either way, it can’t be denied that millennials make up a … Read More

Why do medical patients switch doctors?

why medical patients switch doctors

About ten percent of medical patients consider switching doctors each year. To put this figure in perspective, imagine that at the end of the year, all of your left-handed patients decide to turn to someone else for their medical advice. That would be a pretty sinister blow to your revenue. In many instances, there isn’t much you can do to … Read More

Body contouring procedures and content marketing: A perfect marriage

content marketing and cosmetic surgery

It’s no secret: The relationship between content marketing and the healthcare industry is hot, and we’re proud to point out our expertise in that area. And while we’re talking about healthcare, there’s one fast-growing subdivision that will greatly benefit from content marketing strategies: Cosmetic surgery — and specifically, body contouring procedures. Why content marketing works The nice thing about a … Read More

4 exciting ways to attract new plastic surgery patients

Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are often viewed as luxury services, which can make reeling in new patients challenging, considering the competitive nature of the industry. Just like when marketing any other business, the key to attracting new plastic surgery patients is to learn about and fully understand your ideal target audience so you can lure them in using the … Read More

4 hot website essentials for your health care practice

Having a prominent online presence is essential to attracting new patients and maintaining existing patients for your medical practice. Considering most of today’s patients pay more out of pocket for health services, the Internet has become a vital tool in determining which health care practices are the best based on their services, availability, and online patient reviews. If your website … Read More

5 ways to improve patient retention

Patient acquisition and patient attraction are usually what most health care practices focus on when trying to maximize ROI, but patient retention is a metric that often falls by the wayside. Retaining patients requires less time and money than attracting new patients, which is why it’s important that your medical marketing practice learns how to keep and satisfy existing patients. … Read More

3 powerful ways patient testimonials help your medical practice

When it comes to health care and treatments, people want to hear real stories from real people about their experiences. Was the doctor nice, caring, and compassionate? Was the hospital clean? Did that new health treatment work? Being in good health makes people feel happy and comfortable, and nobody wants to work with a health practice that doesn’t have its … Read More

4 features patients want on your health care site

Having a website for your health care practice can make your business look more professional, trusted, and established. But on the other hand, it’s important to keep in mind that patients come first, and that your website should be user-friendly and designed specifically to satisfy patients. When patients and health consumers visit your website, they’re often looking for specific information, … Read More

4 easy ways to spring-clean your medical website

Spring cleaning is a popular seasonal ritual that helps clear your head and environment of unnecessary clutter. Just like having a clean, tidy home can make you seem like a proud, responsible homeowner, having a clean, easy-to-navigate website can make your health practice look authoritative and professional. Does your medical website need a major spring refresh? Check out these four … Read More

3 important medical marketing metrics you can’t ignore

Online medical marketing is highly similar to regular inbound marketing, with greater focus on patient acquisition and the ability to retain patients. While health care websites should be designed to engage visitors, deliver educational content, and achieve good search engine rankings just like any other website, these sites should also exhibit traits that focus on attracting new patients and keeping … Read More

4 more reliable ways to generate positive online reviews from patients

A few years ago, we discussed these four ways to generate positive online reviews for your medical practice. Since then, we’ve learned even more about the importance of online reviews in the health care industry, and about how to effectively collect these reviews from patients. Before choosing health care providers for themselves or their families, most people go online to … Read More

4 amazing reasons to promote your health care brand using social media

Hospitals, clinics, and many other health care organizations still haven’t integrated social media marketing into their inbound marketing campaigns. Some health care brands say their budgets lack funds for social media, while others admit to shying away from social media for fear of violating HIPAA regulations and medical ethics codes. Considering not too many health care brands are on board … Read More

3 ways to help plastic surgeons reach younger patients through inbound marketing

It’s no secret that plastic and cosmetic surgeries are most often performed on people aged 40 years or older. In fact, it’s basically the opposite of a secret, because the information is publicly available thanks to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In 2014, almost 80 percent of all plastic surgeries were performed on patients over 40. Obviously, it would … Read More

5 ways to attract more patients to your medical practice

boosting patient acquisition through inbound marketing

Medical professionals like doctors and dentists are still hesitant to switch from traditional advertising to modern inbound marketing methods, despite the fact that medical professionals can benefit significantly from a solid inbound marketing plan. By implementing a few easy tactics to increase patient response and conversion rates, your medical practice can enjoy a greater return on marketing investments.

Inbound marketing Is the best solution for medical clinic lead generation

The number one most searched topic on the Internet is health information. According to a Pew Research Center survey measuring Internet users’ interest in health information, 66% of Internet users look online for information about a specific disease or medical problem (perennially in the top spot). Additionally: 56% of internet users look online for information about a certain medical treatment … Read More

Adjusting to cosmetic surgery industry trends with inbound marketing

One of the biggest advantages of using an inbound marketing program is the ability to adjust and adapt to new trends and demographics. The personas and strategies you created a few years ago may not apply to your objectives anymore. For example, one industry that will see wide and varied changes in 2016 is plastic and reconstructive surgery. In general, … Read More

Who in healthcare marketing is doing social media right?

Much of marketing is educating people – your target audience – about your brand. This is especially true for healthcare marketing. One of the best tools for educating people about a disease, a healthcare practice, a hospital, a doctor, and even a cosmetic surgeon is social media.