How to match your content to the stages of the Buyer’s Journey

match content to buyers journey

We are all about writing about content as it relates to the stages of the buyer’s journey around here. Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why would the bright and creative minds at AGENCY H choose to dedicate so many different blog posts to this topic?” Well, dear reader, the answer is quite simple: because it’s THAT DANG IMPORTANT. Want to know … Read More

3 Convenient ways to attract millennials to your medical practice

attracting millennials to medical practices

Maybe it doesn’t seem urgent at the moment, but attracting a younger crowd to your medical practice is important for keeping your business alive. Or maybe it does seem urgent, and that’s exactly why you’re reading this article for information on how to attract millennials to your medical practice. Either way, it can’t be denied that millennials make up a … Read More