5 easy ways to increase conversion through content

While photos and videos are more effective at attracting the consumer’s eye these days, content still reigns as king in the world of inbound marketing. In 1996, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates said “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet.” Turns out Bill was right, and content is key to … Read More

Improve your copywriting with these tips from Joseph Sugarman…

Sugarman, author of The Adweek Copywriting Handbook, shows how you can improve your copywriting skills by describing his own hilarious, long-copy approach to copywriting and out-of-the-box thinking in direct sales and marketing. In case you haven’t read the book, or are awaiting your Amazon copy to arrive in the mail, start improving your writing with the following steps:

7 tips to creating an effective content marketing strategy in 2016

Often, businesses create and share content online hoping for the masses pick it up — and often, they don’t. In fact, 76 percent of B2C marketers report using content marketing, but only 37 percent acknowledge that their strategy is actually effective. That means that although they may be creating engaging, relevant content, it’s not being posted and shared strategically to find the right audience.

Your marketing mix: Where does content marketing fit in?

Done correctly, content marketing is more important than any single channel. It tells your brand story to your target audience, who is interested in your company. It’s also telling that story in a useful manner for your target audience using both online and offline marketing channels. Your customer should be able to understand your cohesive brand story, regardless of what channel they are using to view it.

10 style tips for improving the quality of your writing

If there’s one message I heard repeatedly at INBOUND 2015, it’s that quality continues to be of chief importance in content marketing. The many awesome presenters emphasized the importance of hiring real writers to create content that people will pay attention to and remember.

How much content should be about your company?

In the heyday of traditional marketing, it was entirely acceptable and even recommended to repeatedly broadcast your brand’s name and logo on every possible channel available in order to keep your company’s products at the top of consumers’ minds.

7 things you need to do to boost your content

You may think it’s an overused buzzword, but content marketing is more than another term for blogging and social media. Content marketing involves both of those things, along with a strategy backing the ideation, creation, and distribution of the content your business needs to produce in order to be successful.

Content marketing vs Inbound marketing

You’ve most likely heard the two terms before: content marketing and inbound marketing. Are they the same or are they different? Is one a subset of the other?