Native advertising: Deceptive gimmick, or viable marketing strategy?

native advertising is deceptive

According to Native Advertising Institute — which sounds like an oddly specific trade school, but in actuality is something else, presumably — the official definition of native advertising is as follows: “Native advertising is paid advertising where the ad matches the form, feel and function of the content of the media on which it appears.” Their definition is suspiciously similar … Read More

How can you sleep at night without an SEO campaign?

why you need an SEO campaign

I lie awake some nights replaying conversations in my head, conjuring up flawless rebuttals to arguments I’ve already lost. I spend other nights analyzing my every action during the previous day, wondering if it was truly necessary to eat that entire large pizza after 8 p.m. Recently though, I’ve found myself thinking about something more worthwhile: the future. Not my … Read More

Dr. Dre and 3 other things marketers forget when creating content

content marketers often forget these things and Dr. Dre

Nowadays, everybody wanna blog like they got something to say. And many of them do, indeed, have educational, relevant content for their subscribers and visitors. But sometimes, we content creators get so settled into the groove of routinely pumping out interesting and useful literature that we forget specific inbound marketing best practices that will attract readers and keep them coming … Read More

Why your brand voice matters, and how inbound can help

brand voice and inbound marketing

My high school English teacher, Ms. Solli, was a terrifying woman. I don’t think she’d mind my saying so. She wasn’t particularly imposing to look at, but she had absolute and total control of the room. When Ms. Solli spoke, the back row — notoriously filled with troublemakers and slackers — was silent. The popular girls who would usually spend … Read More

Four SEO tips you need to know this summer

new SEO tips

Ahhhhh, summer. I live for the long days of hot weather, the beckoning of the lake and wakeboarding, slacklining for hours on end, and climbing on one side of an Arkansas valley in the shade and shifting to the other as the sun moves. I can’t wait to get outside and do all of these things I love and more. … Read More

Body contouring procedures and content marketing: A perfect marriage

content marketing and cosmetic surgery

It’s no secret: The relationship between content marketing and the healthcare industry is hot, and we’re proud to point out our expertise in that area. And while we’re talking about healthcare, there’s one fast-growing subdivision that will greatly benefit from content marketing strategies: Cosmetic surgery — and specifically, body contouring procedures. Why content marketing works The nice thing about a … Read More

Graymail: reacquiring disengaged subscribers

how to avoid graymail

First, some clarity is in order: Most reputable sources prefer the term “graymail” over any other iteration of the word, so it’s not “greymail” and there’s no space between gray and mail. And I probably don’t need to explain this, but this article is about graymail as it relates to email marketing, and not they type of graymail that describes … Read More

Four reasons your company needs a blog

blogging and inbound marketing

If you ever meet someone who thinks a company blog is a waste of time, here’s what I want you to do: Slap them across the face and let them know exactly how deep their level of idiocy extends to. Eh, actually, maybe don’t resort to violence. We were kidding. But seriously, if someone doesn’t understand the necessity of a … Read More

But really, who clicks on banner ads?

  On one hand, many of us can remember a time before the Internet was widely available, so it may seem like it hasn’t existed for too long. We used to go outside for entertainment. Isn’t that crazy? On the other hand, consider that the Internet banner ad has been around long enough that it can now legally drink alcohol … Read More

How to use stories to create valuable content

storytelling connects your consumers

The days of traditional marketing are dead. That’s right. You heard me. Dead. Out with the outbound, in with the inbound. Your love affair with Internet pop-ups, print ads, and coupon spam-mail is a done deal. Sorry we’re not more sorry about it. The consumer landscape has changed. If you want to attract consumers to your product, the best way … Read More

Our three favorite content marketing trends of 2016

content marketing trends of 2016

There’s a reason inbound marketers put a premium on content: Content marketing is like a long-con without the deception. Through a comprehensive content strategy (social media, blogs, newsletters, whitepapers), you’re building a lasting relationship with your consumer (and potential consumers), so that in their eyes, you become the trusted and authoritative voice on your industry. And right now, content marketing … Read More

4 exciting ways to attract new plastic surgery patients

Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are often viewed as luxury services, which can make reeling in new patients challenging, considering the competitive nature of the industry. Just like when marketing any other business, the key to attracting new plastic surgery patients is to learn about and fully understand your ideal target audience so you can lure them in using the … Read More

4 ways to humanize the user experience on your website

So you’ve finally launched a website for your business, complete with a blog, social media integration, pages for all your services and products, and a shopping cart. But for some reason, people aren’t engaging with your website, and they’re not buying your products and services. What’s going on? Try to think about how shoppers would view your website if it … Read More

3 places to find non-cheesy stock photos

best free stock photo websites

There’s a fiery passion burning inside my heart, and it stems from my limitless hatred for garishly fake stock photography. Mostly, I despise stock photos of people, because they look terrible, and it’s distractingly obvious they’re staged. I cringe whenever I see a man in a business suit circling the word “Streamline,” or two characterless professionals emulating an anodyne smile … Read More

5 crazy marketing tactics that lure audiences

Inbound marketing experts at HubSpot once mentioned on a content marketing webinar that audiences can never resist photos of babies and cute animals. According to HubSpot, these images produce more click-throughs and higher conversion rates due to activating the pleasure center of the brain known as the nucleus accumbens, and triggering pleasure hormone dopamine. As a result, your customers can … Read More

How to boost pageviews on old content by over 400%

Evergreen content is generally defined as timeless SEO content that stays fresh and relevant over a long period of time. While news articles, statistics updates, and content about holidays and fads can be effective at generating inbound traffic for your site, these types of content eventually expire, and join the ranks of dead blog articles that no longer get read. … Read More

5 tricks for making blogs more engaging

how to keep content alive

Blogging as part of content marketing is a special skill that requires practice and training in the art of inbound marketing. Being a great writer doesn’t necessarily mean your blogging skills are automatically up to par with marketing; in fact, articles that sound too fancy and complex, or that fail to connect with your target audience won’t bring in the … Read More

3 ways to keep content alive after clicking “publish”

Writing blog articles for your business involves many careful steps. First, you develop topics that appeal to your target audience. Then, you research those topics and pull from sources to write each article. After writing the content, double-checking facts, adding links, making edits where necessary, etc., your blogs are ready to publish. But what happens after that? You put all … Read More

3 content strategies guaranteed to convert social media followers

When sitting down to devise content and social media posts for your business, take your own personal experience with social media into consideration. Sure, you may follow several brands on Facebook and Twitter because you like their products, but how often do you really click on links shared by these businesses? Social media marketing is one of the top ways … Read More

3 strategies for attracting millennials to online content

If you manage a website or work in the field of inbound marketing, chances are you’ve been hearing a lot about “Pesky Whipper-Snappers” over the past few years: how to attract them, how to retain them as customers, how to communicate with them, and more. This tech-savvy generation is important to marketers everywhere because they’re experts in social media and … Read More