3 life-saving blog topic generators to help you spark new ideas

If you’re in charge of writing blogs for your business or medical clinic, there are times you’ll experience dry spells when tasked with developing new blog topics. If your business typically offers just a few products or services, sometimes it can feel as if you’ve exhausted nearly every relevant topic under the sun. Fortunately, our fellow writers have developed tools … Read More

How does blogging help attract new visitors and convert leads?

You’ve likely heard that blogging can do great things for your business and online presence. And this is true! Well, sort of. This is sort of true. The simple act of blogging isn’t enough —  not by half. You need to blog well and you need to blog smart in order to see any sort of turn-around on your investment. … Read More

Why creating great CTAs is still important for marketing

how to make a cta

SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE BLOG POST FROM AGENCY H INBOUND! Relax, you don’t have to actually sign up for anything to read our blog posts, but if you did, would that calling work? Probably not because there are no benefits listed and it’s pretty boring. Plus, all caps? No thanks. So, what’s the point? Well, today, we’re looking at … Read More