3 life-saving blog topic generators to help you spark new ideas

If you’re in charge of writing blogs for your business or medical clinic, there are times you’ll experience dry spells when tasked with developing new blog topics. If your business typically offers just a few products or services, sometimes it can feel as if you’ve exhausted nearly every relevant topic under the sun. Fortunately, our fellow writers have developed tools … Read More

How does blogging help attract new visitors and convert leads?

You’ve likely heard that blogging can do great things for your business and online presence. And this is true! Well, sort of. This is sort of true. The simple act of blogging isn’t enough —  not by half. You need to blog well and you need to blog smart in order to see any sort of turn-around on your investment. … Read More

Why creating great CTAs is still important for marketing

how to make a cta

SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE BLOG POST FROM AGENCY H INBOUND! Relax, you don’t have to actually sign up for anything to read our blog posts, but if you did, would that calling work? Probably not because there are no benefits listed and it’s pretty boring. Plus, all caps? No thanks. So, what’s the point? Well, today, we’re looking at … Read More

The benefits of starting a blog for your medical practice

blogging for your medical practice

Starting a blog is important for any medical practice looking to improve their lead generation and brand image. A blog can also help build your patients’ trust. Having a successful online presence with regular blog postings can differentiate your practice from your competitors by providing your audience with quality content they are looking for.

How to measure the success of your blog post

metrics for measuring blog post success

I don’t need to tell you how important blogs are. You’re reading this blog right now! Obviously, you’re smart enough to understand their importance — especially when it comes to content marketing. Blogs are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and generate sales leads, which is why AGENCY H dedicates a whole department to making … Read More

What should you blog about, anyway?

what should you blog about anyway

At AGENCY H, all of the websites we develop get a blog. Why? A blog is a great way to add fresh, valuable content to your site on a regular basis — important for search engine optimization. It’s also a great way to add content that speaks to users at all stages of the buyer’s journey — important for lead … Read More

Four reasons your company needs a blog

blogging and inbound marketing

If you ever meet someone who thinks a company blog is a waste of time, here’s what I want you to do: Slap them across the face and let them know exactly how deep their level of idiocy extends to. Eh, actually, maybe don’t resort to violence. We were kidding. But seriously, if someone doesn’t understand the necessity of a … Read More

How to boost pageviews on old content by over 400%

Evergreen content is generally defined as timeless SEO content that stays fresh and relevant over a long period of time. While news articles, statistics updates, and content about holidays and fads can be effective at generating inbound traffic for your site, these types of content eventually expire, and join the ranks of dead blog articles that no longer get read. … Read More

5 tricks for making blogs more engaging

how to keep content alive

Blogging as part of content marketing is a special skill that requires practice and training in the art of inbound marketing. Being a great writer doesn’t necessarily mean your blogging skills are automatically up to par with marketing; in fact, articles that sound too fancy and complex, or that fail to connect with your target audience won’t bring in the … Read More

3 ways to keep content alive after clicking “publish”

Writing blog articles for your business involves many careful steps. First, you develop topics that appeal to your target audience. Then, you research those topics and pull from sources to write each article. After writing the content, double-checking facts, adding links, making edits where necessary, etc., your blogs are ready to publish. But what happens after that? You put all … Read More

3 content strategies guaranteed to convert social media followers

When sitting down to devise content and social media posts for your business, take your own personal experience with social media into consideration. Sure, you may follow several brands on Facebook and Twitter because you like their products, but how often do you really click on links shared by these businesses? Social media marketing is one of the top ways … Read More

Improve your copywriting with these tips from Joseph Sugarman…

Sugarman, author of The Adweek Copywriting Handbook, shows how you can improve your copywriting skills by describing his own hilarious, long-copy approach to copywriting and out-of-the-box thinking in direct sales and marketing. In case you haven’t read the book, or are awaiting your Amazon copy to arrive in the mail, start improving your writing with the following steps:

How to keep your lead nurturing process from looking like spam

You’ve read about numerous tips and tricks for grabbing a prospect’s attention. You’ve pored over countless blogs describing tips and tricks on how to make the perfect first impression. You’ve seen so many tips and tricks telling you how to get readers to open your emails.

10 style tips for improving the quality of your writing

If there’s one message I heard repeatedly at INBOUND 2015, it’s that quality continues to be of chief importance in content marketing. The many awesome presenters emphasized the importance of hiring real writers to create content that people will pay attention to and remember.

3 key takeaways from my Inbound 2015 experience

At Inbound 2015, a mass of inbound marketers (myself included) squeezed into the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to listen to a range of speakers including Seth Godin, Bren Brown, and Chelsea Clinton. After these “keynote” speeches, we were able to attend classes led by other marketers, writers, and designers. In short, it was marketing information overload. It is actually … Read More