Taco Bell and Chobani are winning at Instagram advertising

instagram-advertisingIn an effort to appeal to and attract more advertisers, Instagram recently announced metrics for ad campaigns run by Taco Bell and Chobani yogurt. Over a four-week period during which they ran ads on Instagram, Taco Bell was able to successfully reach 12.5 million Americans between 18 and 44 years old. The campaign resulted in a 29-point incremental lift in ad recall for individuals who viewed the campaign on Instagram repeatedly, which is about five times higher than the average.

Meanwhile, Chobani was able to reach 4 million Americans between 18 and 54 throughout a four-week period using Instagram’s advertising platform.The campaign resulted in a 22-point incremental lift and helped shift people away from believing that yogurt is a breakfast food that should only be consumed during the morning hours.

At this time, Instagram is trying to corner the social media advertising market, since Facebook is still being picky and selective about the companies that can advertise on its platform. Jessica Lauria, the director of brand communications at Chobani, recommends that advertisers that plan on being successful at Instagram focus on posting images that look authentic and not staged, avoid including a logo in every picture, and avoid creating ads that are “obvious” advertisements.

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