A summer of inbound: thoughts from the Intern Throne

spencer dispatches from the intern throne

For the last two months, Spencer Perry has been interning in AGENCY H’s content department. As his internship winds down, we’ve asked Spencer to jot down some of his thoughts about what he’s learned so far about inbound marketing and agency life.

When I saw the application for AGENCY H’s internship program I learned that there are other forms of marketing outside of traditional marketing, and I could be working in an environment with like-minded people. The content on their website was lively, the culture seemed awesome, and the application process encouraged creativity.

I came from a suit-and-tie sales position at a local newspaper, and much like the industry, I was slowly dying. I’ve never been so out of my element. I talked on the phone more in those seven months than I have in my entire life.

I walked into the AGENCY H office for the first time on May 23, where two security guards immediately hounded me upon entry. They looked me up and down, smelled my feet, and returned to their posts. I knew right then that I was going to have to prove my worth to the AGENCY H team as well as these two bloodthirsty featherweights.

You know those internships where the interns are basically peons? Not at AGENCY H

With most internships, you expect to be a glorified version of a ‘60s office assistant: taking everyone’s coffee order, forgetting it, then being publicly ridiculed.

This internship was nothing like that. The coffee was onsite!  More importantly, the content team had me diving head first into actual, meaningful projects that were directly helping clients. I was assigned technical, writing, and publishing tasks for a wide range of clients and industries.

My writing ability was noobish compared to the talent at AGENCY H. They have been extremely patient when explaining new concepts and critiquing my work. Just today, Karen, our Content Director, told me about parallelisms, which I thought sounded more like a disease than a grammar concept.

I’ve learned how to use different tones in writing, when it’s appropriate for passive voice, and when it’s appropriate to be more concrete. I’ve learned how to write with efficiency, and how to be more deadline-oriented in my professional life.

Tailoring my writing to clients’ needs

When I first started, I was tasked with writing and editing blog posts for an IT company. I learned how to gear my writing to tech-centric readers while using industry-standard language. In the first week, I learned SEO best practices, including: backlinks, how to write an appropriate meta description, the importance of H3 headers, what focus keywords were, and what we use alt texts for.

After a few short weeks, I was regularly writing for a wide breadth of clients, such as: plastic surgeons, foot doctors, elementary schools, and electrical engineers. Whether it was website copy, blog posts, or product descriptions, I was seamlessly integrating and strategically placing call-to-actions that would generate leads for the clients. I learned immediately after working with so many clients that you can’t utilize the same voice throughout your writing. The content for medical clients was informational, where elementary schools would require livelier and more personal writing.

Even though these industries are vastly different, they all benefit greatly from inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is universal in its ability to drive traffic through promotion of products and services through blogs, content marketing, and utilization of proper SEO techniques.

Big takeaways from AGENCY H

The head honchos — Founder and President Jeff and CEO Joel — are great to work for. They don’t intimidate their employees or micromanage our every move. Their doors are always open for questions or concerns. They ensured that I had the necessary resources and individuals to help me learn the ins-and-outs of inbound marketing. At first, I was merely sipping the inbound marketing Kool-Aid; now I’m asking for another glass. I have a problem.

I managed to officially earn the trust of the security guards. One of them fell asleep within three feet of me, which I believe is a sign of comfort. The other security guard licked the tip of my fingernail once, which I assume was an accident, but that gesture promoted me from “content intern” to “guy we tolerate,” and I couldn’t be happier.

I will cherish this experience forever. It has helped me develop a professional skill set that I will carry on into my future endeavors.

I will miss everyone!

I’m Spencer Perry, signing off one last time.* (Cue the song “Blackbird.”)

*Actually, Spencer is staying on at AGENCY H just not as an intern. Spencer’s moving to Colorado, where he’ll continue working with AGENCY H as a content freelancer and contract employee. We couldn’t let such precious talent slip away from us so easily!

Are you interested in an internship at AGENCY H Inbound? Talk to us about what you can do and where you want to be. Our intern program can help you get started on your career path with the knowledge and skills you need to become successful in the field of inbound marketing. (And, for the record, a bunch of us here at AGENCY H started as interns.)