Not all negative comments require your response

handling-negative-commentsBy now, you should know that as a business, negative comments made on blogs or social media should always be addressed and handled in a professional manner to uphold your business’s reputation and to satisfy your customers. Failure to respond, or responding in a negative manner can result in a wildfire that could take weeks, months, or even years to put out. But are there ever any instances in which it’s okay NOT to respond to negative comments? Yes! As a matter of fact, there are.

Below are examples of situations in which it’s perfectly acceptable not to respond to negative comments:

When comments are strictly self-promotional

While these types of comments may not always be considered negative, they offer your blog and social media timeline absolutely no value. In most cases, your website may already be set up to prevent spammy comments from being posted, but if comments are set to post automatically, you can remove self-promotional comments yourself. On social media, it’s best to ignore self-promotional comments to avoid wasting your time.

When comments are ongoing for the sake of picking a fight

If you’ve already handled a specific negative comment professionally and tastefully one or more times, but the individual is insisting on continuing to comment just for the sake of picking a fight, it’s okay to post one last time about your stance on the topic, and move on. On the other hand, if an ongoing conversation turns into an intelligent debate, you can continue to engage if you feel the outcome will be productive or beneficial to other social media users.

When comments are not specifically directed at the post in question

Some users will reply to a blog or social media post even if their concern or complaint isn’t relevant to the content you posted. In these cases, you can reply and offer to take the conversation offline, but some businesses have found that leaving comments like these alone is more beneficial. Sometimes, commenters will personally attack the author of the post and not the business. Ignoring personal attacks can be perfectly acceptable also.

When comments are distasteful

If your content triggers comments that stir up controversy, debates, and reactions, then you’re doing great at generating engagement! On the other hand, this type of content can elicit emotional responses from your followers. While you should always respond appropriately to those who intelligently reply with their own opinions, you don’t need to reply to those who are posting crude and inappropriate language and suggestions. In fact, blogs that generate lots of discussion can open up future opportunities for additional blog posts that address other opinions.

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