Mozilla’s new ad programs will respect the user

mozilla's new ad programTech company Mozilla, which is best known for its Firefox web browser, released a message to the advertising industry after starting to sell ads of their own and realizing that many online ads fail to the put the user experience first. Darren Herman, the VP of content services at Mozilla, says that companies should let users know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, how they can opt in or out, and show overall respect in general.

Mozilla is currently working on placing two types of advertising into the Firefox browser. The first type is called “directory tiles,” which would allow advertisers to buy a tile on the new-tab page of the browser. The second type is called “enhanced tiles,” which would allow brands to customize how their tiles appear when they display in a “most visited” tile on a new-tab page.

However, what makes Mozilla unique with their advertising, is that the ads will contain no cookies and no third-party ad servers, and users will have the ability to opt out of seeing ads in their browser completely. Denelle Dixon-Thayer, Mozilla’s Senior VP of Business and Legal Affairs says that these features will respect the user while still providing them with content that they find interesting.

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