Marketing trends you want your marketing agency to avoid

I can’t believe some of the tricks businesses have used to market their products or services. Some tactics are downright cringeworthy. Though, the occasional marketing blunder is never as surprising to me as bad marketing trends. As in, marketing tactics that were popular enough that nearly every business and marketing agency were using them, even though they didn’t work.

I’m talking about junk like keyword stuffing. As someone whose job is to enhance user experience and search engine performance, I cringe at the idea of being asked to stuff keywords in articles. Even before Google started cracking down on this practice, I feel like it violates a personal sense of integrity: it’s lying.

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Speaking of lying…

Don’t buy followers on social media

Wow. Yeah, this used to be a trend, and it’s dishonest as heck. Buying followers was the result of the days when having thousands of followers was correlated with the success of your business. Having many followers is great — but not when they’re not actually engaged with your content. These types of followers are just empty numbers that your company has wasted money on.

Buying followers isn’t just limited to social media farms you give money to in exchange for follows, but can also include the approach of telling people they can follow you on social media to be entered for a chance to win a prize. Again, all this does is attract unengaged users who are only there for the freebie. And having a big number of unengaged users actually hurts your social media ranking. Yikes!

Be careful when scheduling posts

Scheduling tweets or posts can save your business a lot of time, but can result in disaster for your business! Many tweets and posts require attention and sensitivity. Writing these posts ahead of time isn’t the problem itself, it’s scheduling them and not being present when they actually post that has the potential to create a problem.

A poorly timed pre-scheduled tweet can spark outrage, harm your reputation, and cause you to lose engaged followers if it says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Be present when you post, so you can be sure your post isn’t actually a PR nightmare.

Choose a marketing agency that makes good decisions

When it comes to avoiding mistakes like the ones mentioned above, you should choose a marketing agency that knows what it’s doing. BizTraffic offers 4 good warning signs to be aware of when looking for a marketing agency:

  1. The agency doesn’t share any references or tangible data — don’t let “privacy” be an acceptable excuse. You should see results to know you can expect results.
  2. They have no emphasis on user experience — don’t hire robots to talk to robots. You need people who can engage with people.
  3. They hide their knowledge until you hire them — a good agency will share information with you to help you be successful. Don’t fall for “hidden secrets” that only cost a small fee.
  4. They guarantee number one results — Woah woah. Doesn’t AGENCY H have a guarantee? Well yes, but it’s a little different. Our guarantee promises that we will meet agreed-upon expectations based on an examination of data and realistic timing.

The types of guarantees you need to avoid are ones like, “you’ll be number one in SEO in weeks!” That’s an impossible claim to meet, and usually means the agency wants to use dirty tricks to try and get you at the top of Google’s results. But really, you’re just gonna get shut down hard.
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