What makes a plastic surgery blog fantastic?

cosmetic surgery blog attracts more patients

Next to having a dedicated website for your plastic surgery clinic, a blog that educates patients about your industry is one of the best tools to include in your medical marketing strategy. A blog exists not only to drive inbound traffic and patient acquisition, but allows your clinic to establish itself as an expert in cosmetic surgery. A blog also helps educate prospective patients about the treatments and procedures you offer, and maintains existing patients by keeping them interested in your practice.

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Here’s a look at several components that can help make your plastic surgery blog fantastic!

What should you write about?

Many cosmetic surgery practices form the impression that all blog articles must be about the procedures and services they offer. While it seems logical that you should advertise and market your clinic this way, think about what your visitors and patients want to see.

Your blog must educate, entertain, and engage prospective and existing patients. In reality, the sky’s the limit when it comes to managing a blog, especially for cosmetic surgery practices.

Educate patients on cosmetic procedures

Visitors are on your website in the first place because they want to learn more about your procedures. They want to know how each procedure is performed, what’s involved, and whether it results in pain, downtime, or scarring.

Use your blog to explore the ins and outs of every treatment and procedure your clinic offers. For example, write one blog about how to prepare for tummy tuck surgery, and another about how to recover following surgery. Write about reasons patients would want to have breast lift surgery, and reasons patients would want breast augmentation.

The more you educate patients using your blog, the more authoritative and reputable your plastic surgery clinic will become in the industry.

Capitalize on the newest procedures and treatments

As soon as your clinic begins offering a new cosmetic treatment, write several blog articles about the new treatment before your competitors get to it. The sooner your content is posted, the more quickly your articles can rise to the top of search results so they’re available when patients start researching the treatment. This method also shows that you’re up to date on everything happening in the plastic surgery industry.

Write articles about healthy living

Articles about healthy living that involve exercise, nutrition, and beauty can help drive traffic to your site, and remind your patients how cosmetic treatments can help enhance their own lives. Blogs on these topics also demonstrate that you care about your patients’ overall well-being, and not just about acquiring their business.

Write about fruits and vegetables that can improve skin tone, then mention how your line of chemical peels also help improve skin tone. Write about yoga exercises that can help flatten your stomach, then mention how liposuction can also help achieve a slimmer silhouette. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box once in awhile and focus on topics other than just your procedures.

Discuss plastic surgery trends

Some individuals seek cosmetic treatments after being inspired by celebrities who have certain procedures. Tabloids, magazines, and newspapers often write about celebrity plastic surgery trends because it helps attract readers. Take advantage of all plastic surgery news and consider writing a few short blogs or summaries on each.

Flaunt awards and recognition

Keep in mind that today’s patients head online to research healthcare professionals before doing business with them, and that includes plastic surgeons. Next time you receive patient recognition, or your clinic wins a special award, flaunt these achievements on your blog! This can impress prospective patients, and make existing patients feel comfortable and proud knowing they made the right choice when they visited your clinic.

Blogs don’t always have to be formal and boring, even for plastic surgery and medical marketing practices! If you need help writing or managing your blog, consider hiring an experienced medical marketing firm that can help you market your practice!

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