A last look at inbound marketing with BIGSHOT

brief review of inbound marketing

I’m leaving, y’all. Take a moment to handle this news as you see fit. When you’re done crying, please read on!

Don’t worry, don’t worry. I haven’t given up on inbound marketing. I still think it’s the best option for effectively reaching potential clients and converting them into leads and customers! But, I have different plans for my life.

This is my last blog post with AGENCY H because I’m pursuing an opportunity to volunteer abroad.

It crossed my mind to write a “What I’ve learned after all this time” post, but I already did that when I hit my year mark, and I don’t want to cheapen this and give you the same thing again. Here’s my one year blog post in case you want to check it out.

So, what do I write about for my last blog post with AGENCY H Inbound? I have no clue. I should write about something useful, this isn’t John’s personal blog… I’m basically freestyling right now. Oooh, I just had an idea:

Content writing tip #1: Don’t freestyle when writing content

What I mean by freestyling is writing without a plan. Your blog posts should be crafted to address a problem a visitor in your target industry might have. This requires some thought!

What are the needs clients in your industry commonly express? In the inbound marketing industry, we know our potential clients are looking for ways to grow their business by attracting more customers. So, in our content, we offer a lot of advice in this area, among many others relevant to our buyer personas.

Content writing tip #2: Consider your audience’s voice when writing content

Part of the reason I can get away with writing such a personal tilted blog post for AGENCY H is that we know our audience likes to see that their marketing agency is made up of people. It’s not a corporate name whose brand is a logo and a product. Our brand is our people, and we want you to know it.

Depending on your type of business, you may want to take a different tone with your content. And that’s okay! Just make sure your tone matches that of your audience. Not sure what that sounds like? It’s always helpful to see what your clients say in social media!

Content writing tip #3: Write for the user, not the search engine

My main job here at AGENCY H has been to oversee and perform search engine optimization tasks. And it always boils down to this: how are we serving the user? High ranking in search engine results pages is directly linked to your ability to serve your user with rich, useful, informative content.

By all means, continue to do keyword research, but do it with the goal of finding keywords that allow you to reach the most relevant audience base. If you use keywords as a quick means to cheaply reach a lot of people, but don’t deliver relevant or helpful content, Google will notice and Google will punish you. Don’t trust those “SEO companies” that promise top results in days. Write good content. This takes time and patience, but the payoff is worth it.

If you have any questions developing useful content to improve your web presence and reach more potential clients, then contact AGENCY H now! We would love to talk to you about developing your inbound marketing strategy! Contact us online or give us a call at 816-471-1877!

Okay, that’s enough useful tips…

We’re going to get a little sappy for a moment. I came to AGENCY H as a desperate post-college graduate who couldn’t get a job without experience (nor an internship at some places because I was no longer a student — yay society!) and I knew an internship could help me.

The team at AGENCY H believed in me and offered me an internship immediately. This was followed shortly after by a job offer, and I’ve been here for close to two years now. All I can say is, I’m supremely grateful.

What I’ve learned about inbound marketing (again, here) is incredibly worthwhile. The experience I’ve gained working in an agency is invaluable to me. The opportunity here has been a boon in my life, and I’m excited to see what the future holds after my time volunteering abroad (maybe come back here? Who knows?). I’m thankful for all the highs and lows, and no, nobody’s paying me to write all of this

In the end, I can’t think of a better sign off than one of my favorite movie quotes from Vinnie Jones as Big Chris in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: It’s been emotional.