KC ad agency helps Hostess make a comeback

hostess-advertising-with-kansas-agencyKansas City-ad agency Bernstein-Rein has played a major role in helping Hostess Brands make a comeback after the Twinkie company filed for bankruptcy in 2012. To help the brand survive and reach a new target audience of millennials, Bernstein-Rein developed an ad campaign for Hostess called “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever.”

Matt Bowne, the Creative Director of Bernstein-Rein, says that they were more than happy to help Hostess develop a new marketing campaign even given the company’s poor financial status. Working with a modest-sized campaign budget of only $3.5 million, the team at Bernstein-Rein knew they had to develop a cost-effective campaign without losing their existing customer base of older moms.

Bernstein-Rein settled on the ad’s campaign theme of “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever” because they felt that the phrasing would appeal to millennials. The tagline was then used on social media along with a #CakeFace hashtag users could share on Vine and Instagram with photos of themselves preparing to eat Twinkies. The ad campaign resulted in a 185 percent increase in Twinkies sales — a turnover rate that was six times higher than in the days before Hostess went bankrupt.

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