Kansas City Fashion Week ramps up advertising

kansas-city-fashion-week-advertisingKansas City Fashion Week (KCFW) has ramped up its advertising efforts this season to help support the city’s local designers. Last year, KCFW featured only one Project Runway designer, whereas this year, six Project Runway veterans will be participating in the show. KCFW initially launched in 2012 and only attracted 1,000 attendees. This year, organizers expect about 3,500 people to attend the event.

To ramp up its advertising, KCFW hosted a VIP event to kick off Fashion Week, which took place at Kansas City’s Independence Center. The event offered participants cocktails and the option to mingle with designers, and was supplemented by a fashion show that highlighted various looks from boutiques located in the Independence Center mall.

Another kickoff event took place at Paolini Garment Co. on Wyandotte Street, at which black-tie dress was required and various goodies were offered, including refreshments, champagne, Dior swag bags, and a beauty bar. A number of other small events took place in honor of Fashion Week at Union Station, and KCFW President Teisha Barber says she is positive that all the events and advertising efforts will have succeeded at highlighting Kansas City’s talented local fashion designers.

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