Kansas City ad agency creates new business campaign for university

kansas-city-advertising-agencyA Kansas City advertising agency called MBB+ recently partnered with the University of Kansas School of Business to develop a new ad campaign called “It’s where business is going,” in an effort to reach consumers in the business community. The school has decided to make itself known as a “business powerhouse” to attract the attention of prospective students.

In the development of the ad campaign, MBB+ compiled a list of the university’s attributes and collaborated with school staff to determine what the school wanted to be known for. The two partners settled on rebranding KU as a place where “thinkers” and “doers” can come together, which is meant to convey that the school is intent on exposing students to a “world of possibilities.”

To market their campaign, MBB+ developed a series of three different print ads, as well as digital ads. Whereas most universities will simply display the photo of a student in their posters and print material, MBB+ chose instead to capitalize on students’ individual personalities. For example, one of the print ads features a student wearing a plaid, button-down shirt and holding a guitar, while the tagline promotes a message that says the future of business means you can be creative in terms of wearing what makes you feel most comfortable at work. MBB+’s marketing campaign has helped increase the school’s applications in MBA by 23 percent from fall 2013 to fall 2014.

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