Instagram calms users after algorithm scare

instagram algorithm updateConsidering how online algorithm updates have changed the landscape in terms of SEO and SERP, most marketers cringe when they hear the term used in reference to Google Search and social media. While algorithm updates are mainly intended to enhance the user experience, some lesser-prepared inbound marketers view them as bad news and go into a frenzy when they learn about upcoming updates.

Instagram, which is owned by social media giant Facebook, recently scared millions of users after announcing it would start using algorithmic filtering in timelines. This feature sorts posts based on a user’s interests and online behavior, rather than filtering posts chronologically. Algorithmic filtering is already in use on Facebook, which means advertisers and marketers are required to be more strategic than ever with developing posts that generate clicks and engagement.

After facing user backlash on the heels of its announcement, Instagram assured users that the new algorithm won’t be rolled out just yet, but is testing the feature, which is still in its early stages. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom insists that the proposed change is about making sure people are viewing the best content in their feeds at all times, instead of viewing newer content that doesn’t necessarily pique their interests.

Learn more about Instagram’s upcoming algorithm update in this article from Fortune.

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