Inbound 2015: BIGSHOT’s guide to successfully rocking the event

bigshot inbound guide to inbound 2015This year, HubSpot’s annual Inbound conference consists of four days of inspiring events, five exciting keynotes, 170+ educational sessions, and 10,000+ passionate attendees. Last year, HubSpot announced the rollout of its customer relationship management system (CRM), and the company is sure to make more exciting announcements this year.

According to, the conference gives attendees the opportunity to view remarkable content, receive education and training, network with industry leaders, and be entertained from September 8th through the 11th in Boston. With the abundance of happy hours, speakers, and tabling events, it’s difficult to know what to do. So, we developed a guide to help you on your journey at Inbound 2015. Check it out:

Set your schedule ahead of time

Look over all the events occurring at Inbound 2015 and create a strategy. If you’re going with a group of coworkers, split up the events based on your departments and interests. You should also consider where your agency is slated to grow or areas you want to improve for your company. Then, choose educational and training sessions with respect to these areas to get the latest advice and trends to bring back home with you. If you are choosing between two sessions scheduled for the same time, choose the more important subject and wait for the coursework to be shared from the other session by HubSpot.

If you’re traveling to Inbound 2015 alone, you’ll have a more difficult time choosing your sessions. You should still sit down with your agency leaders to discuss the areas you wish to improve and receive suggestions from your coworkers on sessions they would attend. Create a list and narrow it down until you have your schedule.

Leave open areas for changes if needed. Try planning your set sessions in one color on your calendar and add open session times in another color to let your mind know that you can mix it up. Giving yourself some leeway will allow you to take advantage of new events or additional networking opportunities while you’re at Inbound 2015.

Pack for anything

Your packing motto should be, “Always be prepared.” This same motto for camping as a child continues in the real world, especially when it comes to packing for an industry conference. You want to look your best, dress the part, and be able transition your clothing to a happy hour if you want. Business casual is the standard, but we’ve all seen the guy at a conference dressed in a suit or a flannel button-up. Let’s try not to be that guy.


Pack for a low-key job interview at a trendy new company. Don’t overdo it with the full shebang unless you really want to for one day. Otherwise, plan to pack the following:

  • Solid-color shirts (polo or button-up)
  • Slacks
  • Khakis
  • Jeans (1 pair of non-faded blues for networking happy hours)
  • Ties (2 with versatile designs)
  • Blazer
  • Sweater
  • Comfortable shoes (for walking around all day)
  • Belt
  • Sunglasses
  • Personal items


Think similarly to the men’s packing list with the idea that you can dress up if you want, but you should plan for a more relaxed environment than an intense interview.

  • Blouses
  • Slacks
  • Jeans (1 pair of non-faded blues for networking happy hours)
  • Skirt or dress (that you’d wear to meet your mother-in-law)
  • Blazer
  • Sweater or cardigan (if you think you might become cold in the conference rooms)
  • Comfortable shoes (for walking around all day)
  • Belt
  • Sunglasses
  • Jewelry
  • Personal items

Remember, you will be sitting in these educational sessions and walking around the tabeling events, so you’ll want to be comfortable. This means not wearing extremely high-heeled shoes or a shirt that is too tight. In addition, you may want to throw in a pair of tennis shoes to visit some of the iconic Boston tourist spots.

Prepare for a marathon

Inbound 2015 is a marathon, not a sprint. You should be prepared with a refillable water bottle, snacks, and chargers for your electronic devices. This conference begins early and ends late, every day. Stay hydrated and refill your water bottle whenever you transition from one session to the next. Pack snacks of trail mix, nutrition bars, and fruit to keep you going until meal breaks. Remember, protein is key to staying full, longer.

You’ll be using your mobile phone, tablet, and/or laptop throughout the conference. You’ll want to interact with others attending the conference on social media or with your coworkers back home, giving updates on what you’re learning. Don’t forget to charge every device you plan to use every night and bring your chargers with you during the day. Bring external battery packs for your mobile device if you tend to run out of battery life during the day. As with running a marathon, plan your trip to the best of your ability and be prepared for a cramped muscle if you don’t have water, snacks, or a charged battery.

Join the AGENCY Hs

The AGENCY H Inbound Management Team is attending Inbound 2015 and they’re super excited for all the great sessions throughout the conference. Catch up with them at the following sessions:

Jeff Henry, President

I’m probably most looking forward to attending “How to Grow the Hell Out of Your Agency.” No one does it better than Square 2, and Mike Lieberman is one really smart guy. I can’t wait to hear about how Square 2 successfully scaled up and became the first Hubspot Diamond partner. I’m also looking forward to the Seth Godin keynote. Seth’s Inbound 2014 keynote was entertaining and insightful and I’m sure he will not disappoint at this year’s event.

Joel Hornbostel, Chief Executive Officer

I’m definitely excited to see keynote speaker Aziz Ansari. As far as sessions go, I’m looking forward to attending “How to Grow the Hell Out of Your Agency” presented by Mike Lieberman of Square 2 Marketing. Mike has grown Square 2 Marketing from 12 employees to 62 in two years and that’s matching up pretty well with my goals.

Scott Edwards, Chief Operations Officer

I am looking forward to attending “How to Grow Your Agency Without Breaking”. Karl Sakas of Sakas and Company has researched more than 60 digital marketing agencies and has developed several takeaways. Some of those are: 3 ways to smoothly expand your services, 4 ways to structure your team to break through plateaus, and how to pick which clients to grow. It will be interesting to learn how his research fits into our existing model.

Karen Eisenbraun, Director of Content & Social

I’m looking forward to a lot of content sessions, but “The Neuroscience of Memorable Content” by Dr. Carmen Simon looks especially interesting. The human brain is a fascinating subject, and gaining a greater understanding of how our minds work is valuable for writers in any field.

Michelle Howard, Director of Account Services

I’m excited to attend “Transform Your Strategies with Better Research,” not only because of my nerdy ways, but because AGENCY H is changing the way it approaches strategy. And I’m excited to apply my learnings to our methods moving forward.

Anne Sanders, Creative Director

I’m pretty pumped about “DIY Design Hacks: How to Use Visual Marketing to Leave Your Competition in the Dust!” Anything to make my job easier and faster will be a huge plus!

Elizabeth Berrick, Social Media Manager

I’m stoked for Michael Stelzner’s session on “How to Measure Your Social Media Activities Using Google Analytics.” I have been a huge fan of Stelzner’s since I started subscribing to the Social Media Examiner’s newsletter years ago. I’m fairly certain his insights on how to set up and interpret conversion tracking will blow my mind. Adapting Stelzner’s methods for tracking social activities will not only help us bring more focus to our clients’ social strategies, but provide proof of what’s working. And what’s not.

Don’t forget to stop by and say hello to the AGENCY Hs in Boston and also join in our live Tweet-a-thon throughout #Inbound2015.

AGENCY H Inbound provides a number of inbound marketing services that can help you attract new leads and sell more of your products and services. Request your free inbound marketing assessment today!

Photo credit: Inbound 2015 Twitter