The value of testimonials for your business

how testimonials can help your business

Bad news for traditional marketers: It is no longer the era of “build it and they will come” brick-and-mortar storefronts. You now have to prove yourself as a worthy opponent to many large businesses providing the exact same services as you. One of the best ways to help your business stand out is with customer testimonials.

What are customer testimonials, you ask? How do you get them? Fear not, friend. We’re going to demystify that process for you right here, right now.

The psychology behind testimonials

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where individuals follow the actions of others in attempt to reflect the correct behavior given for a situation. I know this isn’t a psychology blog, so why am I bringing this up? Well, ladies and gentlemen, testimonials provide an immense amount of social proof and positive influence for your business.

When you are browsing for a product or service do you blindly purchase it without reading anyone’s experience? Of course not, this is the Internet, not a 20th-century Sears catalog. You can look up people’s experiences with different products and businesses to make sure they can address and solve your specific needs. You can scan through tens of thousands of reviews from like-minded individuals seeing how they benefitted from the service. It is hard to fully trust that a business is true to their word, especially with the rise of PR mumbo jumbo.

Having these testimonials on your page provides the customer with a more approachable and personal review of the services you offer. Here are a couple quick ways you can start developing your list of testimonials:

Calling your client for a testimonial

You can ask your client for a testimonial in many different ways. If the relationship is well established, and you consider your client to be more of a friend, then a personal phone call may be your best choice. Highlight the ways in which you believe the client has benefited from your business and ask how your specific services have helped their business.

For example, if your client is annoyed with other service providers (can be listed by name) because of their lack of customer service, and they’ve never had a problem with your customer service, then the testimonial should display how your company excels in this avenue. You’ll want to differentiate yourself from other big name competitors.

Emailing your client for a testimonial

If the relationship with the client is more formal, consider an e-mail approach.

Send an e-mail thanking them for being a customer and ask them if they would mind if you shared their experience on your website. If they agree to share their information, you can ask them a couple brief questions. Many clients are crunched for time, so make this easy for them. If your business has helped them out, they are very likely to help you out.

If the client does send you feedback that you see is more of a critique than an actual positive review, don’t sweat. The best thing you can do in this situation is respond. Ask the client how you can help improve their situation. Having a two-way conversation with your clients is imperative for showing that you not only care about them, but also that you’re willing to fix whatever is wrong in a timely manner. Often, their critiques can show you ways in which you can further improve your business.

The process of finding great client testimonials begins now. Make a list of all the clients you want to reach out to and start conjuring up testimonial scripts. In just a few short weeks you should have a healthy amount of testimonials to publish on your website!

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