How much content should be about your company?

content marketing strategy for your company content breakdownIn the heyday of traditional marketing, it was entirely acceptable and even recommended to repeatedly broadcast your brand’s name and logo on every possible channel available in order to keep your company’s products at the top of consumers’ minds. Today, however, with the advent of technology, refined strategies, and the digital boom, consumers are no longer looking for a plug of your products or services. Consumers are looking for information on an assortment of topics, including your industry’s trending topics and your business. It can be tricky balancing your content mix with self promotion, but there is a content marketing cocktail recipe you should follow from Business 2 Community:

Original content: 25 percent

Being original is providing content you are already knowledgeable about. This includes blog posts, articles, white papers, videos, infographics, and e-books that present solutions for the challenges your customers face everyday. You can provide “how-tos,” numbered lists, essays, interviews with industry standouts, and other forms of content that educate, entertain, and engage your readers.

Curated content: 25 percent

Researching content created by industry experts or people with unique perspectives about your business’s industry can also help build your expert status among potential clients. Finding content from others and sharing it on your own website or social media channels allows your followers to find more information relative to their interests. To grow your audience and possibly expand your clientele, share related content!

Company news: 15 percent

It’s a good idea to publish news and updates about your company every now and then, but don’t overshare information about your company on your blog or social media. Put out information about new projects, completed sales or products, new hires, awards, achievements, or pro bono projects you’ve completed. When applicable, add visuals, the scope of the project, and the team members involved. Give credit where credit is due and be sure to get appropriate permission from your client on when and what content you can share with your company’s audience.

Industry news: 15 percent

Building your status as an expert in your industry includes sharing industry news. Reading trade and industry publications, watching related documentaries, perusing newspaper articles, and listening to radio topics can help you find relevant content to share with your audience. Post a link and a short introduction – an opinion or thought on the article topic – and share it across all channels of communication. Your followers will find this information helpful and see you as the source for any important industry news.

Personal content: 10 percent

Working relationships are not only professional, but personal. More and more, consumers are looking for a personal connection with a brand before making a purchase. In addition, if your company provides a service to other companies, you want to share your business’s personality to understand if both parties would work well together. Include periodic posts about staff activities and company culture to show a little insight into how you operate. If you’re hiring, let the world know, and include staff achievement posts to show potential candidates what it would be like to work at your company.

Pitch: 10 percent

This part of the content marketing cocktail is where you make the ask. Business promotion is ultimately a pitch with a subtle approach. Communicate the value and benefits your company offers and use this time to show what prospects will gain from hiring you.

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