How great email marketing can drive blog traffic

email-marketing-for-blog-trafficHaving a blog is one of the key ingredients to successful content marketing because it can help drive traffic to your website. If you practice good blogging techniques that sit well with Google’s search algorithms and webmaster guidelines, your business has the potential to rank relatively high in search for your industry. But what if you’ve been in a groove with publishing relevant, high-quality blog posts, but have yet to see an increase in traffic and leads?

Start out by marketing your blog to your current email subscribers. Your email subscribers are already familiar with your brand and content, and may benefit most from your blog.

To jump-start your blog, focus on what your existing contacts want to read and learn about, then tailor your content accordingly. Your subscribers may even be inclined to share your blogs with their own contacts, as long as your posts continue to provide value.

Here are three ways you can use email marketing to market your blog and drive blog traffic.

1. Keep the sign-up process easy

Make sure that your current email subscribers have the option to opt-in to your blogs, and feature a button or call-to-action on your website that allows new visitors to sign up. As your blog grows over time, people will begin to learn about it through social media and other channels, so you need to make sure that certain landing pages feature a sign-in option when necessary.

2. Choose a particular frequency and stick with it

Your audience will expect to receive correspondence with you at the same time every week or every month. This will help generate trust with your audience, and the individuals who sign up for your newsletters or blogs will expect to see them from you on a regular basis. If you’re unsure of what frequency you should choose, listen to your audience and tailor emails accordingly. Or, take advantage of your current subscriber list to send them a poll or survey, and reward them in some way for completing the survey.

3. Listen to your audience’s feedback

Look at analytics and email reports to determine which email links are resulting in the most engagement, and make changes to content as necessary. You can also count on your email subscribers to tell you what they like, and what they don’t like. In some cases, you might be able to get new blog ideas based on your audience’s feedback, and end up catering even more to your target audience.

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