Hostess plays dumb on social media for attention

hostess-social-media-mistakeWhen major brands make big mistakes on social media, users and fans alike go out of their way to call attention to the mistake and share it across all social media channels. Now, some brands such as Hostess are purposely using the “mistake” tactic on social media to generate more attention and engagement.

A few weeks ago, Hostess celebrated the opening of baseball season by posting a photo on Twitter of a cupcake product overlaid with text that read, “touchdown.” Fans and followers immediately responded to the tweet, attempting to correct Hostess by informing the company football season was over. However, Hostess’s “mistake” was intentional, and was aimed at younger audiences who share the same sense of humor surrounding social media blunders.

Hostess has since revealed that the move was successful, and got its followers laughing. Other brands have also tried playing dumb on social media for the sake of improving engagement, such as In February, congratulated the wrong team for winning the Super Bowl, then used the backlash to their advantage by showing users how could be used to help a social media manager land a new job. As a result, increased social media engagement by 1,700 percent on the day the tweet was posted.

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