Healthcare content marketing: 5 types of content to bring in leads

healthcare-content-ideas-for-generating-leadsWhen it comes to inbound health care marketing, content is king. Content marketing is an effective way for medical practices to attract new customers and create relationships with them. Through content marketing, practices can offer valuable information while also showing prospective patients more about who they are.
Content marketing is authentic and ongoing. It provides many opportunities for potential new patients to come into contact with the practice in a more natural way than through direct advertising, and to form a positive impression without feeling pressured to commit to anything.

There are many different kinds of content marketing. Here are some of the best ones for your healthcare marketing campaign.

1. A blog offers information about your field of expertise in exchange for an opportunity to tell prospective patients about your practice. When people search for information about what to expect at a skin cancer screening, for instance, they may read a local dermatologist’s blog post, like it, and decide to call for an appointment.

Content marketing

A blog can attract the attention of those who need your services immediately.

2. Social media posts help medical practices connect with current and prospective patients. The great thing about social media is that it can become exponential. You share posts with your followers, who may share them with their friends, and their friends’ friends, etc. The trick with social media is making your posts interesting and personal.

It is acceptable to post interesting events that members of the practice are involved in, or even family events that may cause followers to feel affinity for the practice. It is, of course, prudent not to disclose too much personal information, but the idea is to be just personal enough to create a sense of connection.

Social media can also be a testing ground for future blog/ebook/infographic topics by monitoring what is shared and commented on most, or what questions people ask frequently.

3. Ebooks provide more detailed information than a blog post and add value to your marketing by giving people a free product. Ebooks can establish a medical professional as an expert and increase the credibility of your practice. Ebooks can also contain information about services offered and how to become a patient of the practice.

4. Testimonials give prospective patients positive information about your practice from those who have experienced it firsthand. Although testimonials on your website will all be positive because they are controlled by you, they are still a good source of information and people tend to rely on them to help make a decision about whether to become a patient.

5. Infographics present important facts in a compelling, visual format. Infographics can be read easily and quickly and are often shared via social media. Your practice name should be featured prominently on the infographic so that it will be remembered. Some websites allow you to make your own infographics, or you can hire a professional graphic designer to create them.

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