Google creates 4 hard-to-miss mobile ads

google's new mobile advertisementsIn an effort to get advertisers to spend more on mobile ads, Google has developed four new mobile ads that are likely to appeal to more audiences. Three of the four new ads will take over the entire screen of a mobile device in a manner similar to television commercials.

The ads will only display at appropriate break points during use of certain mobile applications. If users feel that the ads are disruptive, they will have the option to skip or hide the ads. Until now, Google was only using these types of video ads in gaming apps because it was thought to be the most appropriate platform for users interested in watching video ads.

At present, Google will only require advertisers to pay when a user clicks on the ad to interact with it in more detail. Users who click on any of these four new ads will be taken directly to the advertisers’ landing pages, since all the ads are priced on a per-click basis. Google also hopes that their new ads will open up opportunities for the search giant to join publishers such as Financial Times, which charges advertisers based on how long people view the ads.

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