Google announces new mobile algorithm for May

new mobile algorithm rolloutIf you’re an inbound marketer, you probably already understand the importance of staying on top of Google’s endless algorithm updates. After all, being complacent with your inbound marketing campaign and failing to change with the times means lower rankings in search, and lower ROI for the businesses you support.

Last month, Google announced on its Webmaster blog that its mobile-friendly algorithm will be refreshed again this May to “increase the effect of the ranking signal.” The change is intended to help users find more relevant and mobile-friendly pages when browsing on their mobile devices. While the update sounds similar to last spring’s “Mobilegeddon,” the update is expected to be less intense, and less likely to affect Webmasters who already have mobile-friendly sites.

The new mobile algorithm is a page-by-page signal — meaning Google has plans to crawl and index all pages on all sites. The rollout is expected to be gradual, considering the length of time it’ll take Google to effectively check and scan all sites. If your website still isn’t mobile-friendly, check out these five great reasons to mobile-optimize your site and avoid being penalized in search. With help from an inbound marketing firm, you can get your website mobile-friendly just in time before the newest algorithm rolls out.

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