First rule of inbound? Stop talking about yourself. Second rule? Well, you know how it goes…

connecting with your audience online

The internet has been great for businesses to market their products and services to a wide, active audience. Having a website and presence on social media are excellent platforms for allowing companies to easily connect with their target audience. However, many businesses make a common costly mistake on their websites and social media: talking about themselves.

Why is talking about myself a problem?

For starters, it’s freaking boring. Imagine you’re on a date and the person across the table (because this is a dinner date) won’t stop talking about themselves and doesn’t express interest in you. Would you want to go on a second date with this person? Most of us would say no, and the rest of you who say yes are probably desperate and I got nothing for you.

Second, it doesn’t really help your audience make a decision. It’s one thing to hear about a business and what they do, but it’s another to hear about how they are willing to serve a customer personally. If you fail to connect with your audience about their needs because you’re too busy making noise about yourself, you might chase your audience away.

The reality is, as marketers, we know our brands better than anyone else, and it’s hard to step back from the perspective of thinking and speaking as our brands. Our audience doesn’t think of our brands like we do, but they do have an idea of what they want and how they’re willing to interact with brands to get what they want.

So what am I supposed to do with this website and social media?

I knew you were going to ask that! First of all, on your website, it is important to highlight who you are and what your services are, but you need to keep it simple and to the point. Your visitors should be able to learn about your business and it’s employees and why you can be trusted, and what benefits your services offer.

Second of all, for social media, keep the following steps in mind before firing dozens of “me, me, me” posts:

  1. Offer content not based on yourself.  Be informative and relevant! You can share content in your industry with the aim of educating your audience instead of constantly trying to convert them to customers. You can also share content or respond to content from your followers to show that you’re staying active, up-to-date, and concerned with what’s going on.
  2. Listen to your audience. Your followers have a lot to say on social media, and it’s definitely not always about you! Pay attention to what’s going on in their lives and what they’re talking about. You can connect with them in certain areas, and you can wish them happy birthday or congratulations for big life events.
  3. Don’t complain! Don’t get sucked into any negativity on social media. Don’t complain about situations, and especially don’t complain or talk negatively about customers, even if they were big jerks and idiots. All of this negativity gives a bad face to your brand and chases customers away. Also, avoid getting political too (unless you’re a politician!) because you risk scaring off a big part of your audience when you engage in politics on social media.
  4. Be careful with bandwagoning. Cat pictures are funny. Drake memes are cool (or maybe not anymore, this stuff moves fast). Doge is always hilarious (I don’t care what you say). Damn Daniel is not funny (see, I didn’t even link to that stupid video). And are you getting how annoying this is? Staying relevant isn’t jumping on every tween bandwagon out there; this comes across as desperate, and no one wants to do business with you when they smell desperation. As mentioned above, it’s best stay relevant by keeping up with events in culture and in your audience’s lives.

Looking at these four steps, it’s easier than you might’ve thought to connect with your audience online! To simplify everything, just remember the first rule: Stop talking about yourself!

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