Facebook Search comes to Android

facebook-search-on-androidLast December, Facebook launched a new feature called Facebook Search, which allows users to search within posts shared with them by friends and pages they follow. However, the feature release was restricted to iOS, mobile Facebook, and Facebook on the web. Now, Facebook Search is finally being released to Android devices.

According to Facebook, the ability for users to search within posts shared by them with friends and pages was the top feature request. Users were less interested in searching public posts, and more interested in finding information they saw at one point in their timelines from friends and businesses.

If your business is on Facebook, you may want to start including relevant hashtags and keywords in your posts, if you’re not already. Users who use the Facebook Search feature could be searching for posts you shared with them at one point before Facebook’s algorithm change started ranking business and advertising posts lower in News Feed.

To learn more about the Facebook Search feature that is now available on Android, check out this article shared by SearchEngineLand.