Facebook now issues penalties for “like” requests

facebook-like-penaltiesEveryone has that one friend or relative who posts and shares spammy “like this page” content on Facebook. If you “like this page,” you could have a chance at winning $1,000 or a free vacation. If you “like this page,” you can help raise money for a child who has cancer. “Like this page,” and you’ll have good luck for the next seven years. In an effort to control and curb spam, Facebook is now issuing penalties to users who post “like” requests.

Most of these types of posts originate from pages that belong to various brands and companies. Since the purpose of this content is to get people to “like” company pages, Facebook is cracking down on these brands by penalizing them in News Feed. The updated News Feed algorithm will target spammy posts in three categories: like-baiting content, content that is repeatedly posted on a regular basis, and content that contains spammy links.

Like-baiting content

Like-baiting content is any type of content in which page owners request that others share, comment, and like certain images and posts. Facebook will now begin decreasing overall visibility of this content, but only if its sole purpose is to generate more page likes. If content is genuinely causing fans and users to engage in discussion, then Facebook will not view such content as spammy.

Repeatedly-posted content

Some brands will post the same content on their pages repeatedly and make small changes to the title or text content to make it seem fresh. Facebook will now manipulate the News Feed algorithm so that repeated posts are recognized and de-emphasized. Brands will find it in their best interests to post unique, original content instead of recycling the same content over and over.

Content with spammy links

Many times, brand posts will contain links that are spammy and misleading, and will take users who click on them to websites that feature mostly advertisements. Facebook will now be able to detect and recognize spammy links that take users to irrelevant content, and will penalize pages accordingly.

If you run a business that takes part in any of these Facebook activities, make changes to your social media strategy now to avoid being penalized by Facebook. Keep in mind that posting quality, original content will not only improve your Facebook engagement rates, but could positively impact your leads, conversion rates, and overall ROI.

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