Facebook launches new location-based ad program

facebook-location-based-adsThe world’s social media giant has recently announced that it is releasing a new location-based ad program that will target individuals based on where they live and on places they recently visited. However, Facebook only plans on sharing location information with advertisers if users grant them the permission to do so.

The ad program, which is known as Local Awareness, has been in development since 2012, and is now available to all advertisers, including local businesses. Advertisers can log in, enter the physical address of their business, and select a radius they want targeted. Then, Facebook users who opted in for the program will be exposed to ads if they live near the business or recently visited an area near the business.

The Local Awareness ads can also target users based on gender and age, as well as include call-to-action buttons that could lead potential customers directly to a business’s physical location. Facebook has announced that their new ad program will be available to all advertisers across the board within a few weeks.

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