Facebook is venturing into the healthcare industry

facebook-and-healthcareAccording to a number of sources, Facebook has plans to test new apps and services linked to the healthcare industry. The health apps will have a “preventative care” theme, which aim at helping its users live longer, healthier lives. Facebook was inspired to enter the healthcare industry after seeing how Facebook users with serious chronic illnesses searched the social network site looking for advice and information about their health conditions.

In an effort to prevent its users from having privacy concerns about the new healthcare apps and services, Facebook is considering releasing its first app in a quiet manner under a different name. Facebook wants to avoid having users worry about whether their personal medical data could be viewed or shared with their friends and followers.

Facebook has recently been battling criticism from the media about how the social network handles and regards user privacy. However, Facebook recently relaxed a policy that had previously required users to use their real names, which could result in more opportunities for users to use aliases when engaging with Facebook’s healthcare apps and services.

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