Social media marketing through the eyes of a BIGSHOT intern

For the last two months, Mitch DeGraw has been interning in AGENCY H’s social media department. As his internship winds down, we’ve asked Mitch to jot down some of his thoughts about what he’s learned so far about inbound marketing and agency life. Read on for his post, and download our free e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing, for a wealth of information. 

The weight of the world was on my shoulders as this past spring semester was coming to a close. I was about to begin the summer before my last year of college. You may be thinking: That sounds awesome! You’re going to have so much fun drinking beer and sitting by large bodies of water! But aren’t you going to be productive? That question was hanging over my head, keeping me from getting excited.

Throughout college, I had always worked minimum-wage jobs with flexible schedules — this was to earn extra cash and make sure I had enough time to get a Graham cracker-colored tan. Career counselors always advised me to look for something more professional something like an internship, that will help me advance my career when it comes to it. I blew it off until, suddenly, there I was: a year away from graduating college, and nothing truly professional to show for myself. In a panic, I decided to start applying for internships.

That’s when AGENCY H made its way into my life.

When I started my internship at AGENCY H, I quickly realized that I wasn’t just part of a team at an agency; I was joining a family. From the CEO to the office guard dogs, Whisky and Murray, I was immediately at home.

How inbound marketing works

Every day, I learn something new. Before interning at AGENCY H, I had little knowledge of what inbound marketing truly was. I learned that inbound marketing is the future: It out-performs and tops the numbers that traditional marketing can offer to a company.

We spend our days creating and promoting content such as social media posts and blogs for AGENCY H and our clients. Our own informative blogs and posts for AGENCY H allow us to personalize the organization, helping bring in potential customers rather than having to search for them. We aim to provide fun and informative content for our followers. Through social monitoring, we are able to develop the right content and post at the right time, in the right place, attracting customers and driving them to the sites that we have created.

Daring to be great on social media

Being able to show why one thing is doing well or not is something that is often overlooked, and it can be the difference between average content and high quality content that we create with our clients.

By creating social reports, I was able to communicate my recommendations to our client, such as what the client should continue doing or not continue doing. Through AGENCY H’s analytics, I was able to show them which types of posts were getting the most clicks and interactions, thus allowing me to give them tips that I thought could improve the organization’s content. This helps us determine what the best route to success is. I feel more confident every single day about my skills to present analytics and recommend different content to customers.

These last two months have been amazing. Thank you AGENCY H, for providing me with one of the best work experience I have ever had and everything everything else you have given me.

Are you interested in an internship at AGENCY H Inbound? Talk to us about what you can do and where you want to be. Our intern program can help you get started on your career path with the knowledge and skills you need to become successful in the field of inbound marketing. Furthermore, if you’re looking to gain the upper hand before starting that career path, read our blog and peruse our downloadable resources to become an inbound marketing expert in no time! And for the record, a whole bunch of us here at AGENCY H started as interns.

Do you want to know more about inbound and social media marketing? Download our free e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing, and feel the power of knowledge!