Dispatches from the intern desk: What I’ve learned about social at BIGSHOT

dispatches from the intern desk hannah

For the last two months, Hannah Armato has been interning in AGENCY H’s social media department. As her internship winds down, we’ve asked Hannah to jot down some of her thoughts about what she’s learned so far about inbound marketing and agency life.

This past year I’ve been second-guessing my marketing degree choice— but as a senior in college, there was no way I was changing my major. Still, my waffling meant that when I started looking at companies to potentially intern for, I was all over the place. I looked at event venues, retail companies, and ad agencies of all sizes. I had bookmarked over 15 companies on my laptop, but I didn’t apply for a single internship until I came across AGENCY H. I could tell by AGENCY H’s social media that they were a fun, friendly, positive company, with a cool company culture.

Joining AGENCY H’s social media team

Fast forward three months, and here I am sitting in AGENCY H’s office writing about my experience as an intern here! Everyone here is super nice and loves to have fun, but AGENCY H employees are also very serious about their work. I was so nervous on my first day, but the crew here quickly welcomed me and put my nerves to rest. They didn’t have me making coffee and running errands. As a social media intern, I actually had six medical accounts assigned to me that I helped manage. The hands-on experience is more than I could have ever asked for.

With this summer internship, I learned that I still find marketing fascinating (I was worried I’d end up hating it), but that I’m not so sure I’d want to stick with social media in the long run (no hard feelings!). Don’t get me wrong — I’ve absolutely loved being a social media intern, but there’s more work involved in running Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram campaigns than just writing captions and posting cool photos. When you’re in social media, your job is never really finished — and the lack of closure at the end of each day was nerve-wracking.

Fortunately, AGENCY H is great about having their interns meet with each department to learn a little bit about each. Thanks to that, I know now that a future in account services is more in line with my personality. I’m excited to graduate and try out other realms of marketing. You can never learn too much!

What I’ve learned about inbound

When I applied for the internship at AGENCY H, I realized they were an inbound marketing firm. I had no clue what that was — we didn’t learn “inbound” in college. Since I started here, I’ve learned that Inbound is way better than traditional marketing and I don’t know why more agencies don’t use it!

Inbound marketing focuses on the client and creates specialized content for them. It makes much more sense to attract the consumer to the agency, rather than the other way around. This  means that you’re not wasting your time with uninterested consumers — which is better for everyone involved.

After this internship, I feel confident in the skills that I’ve gained, and I know that they will be valued anywhere I take them. The hands-on experience that my supervisor, Elizabeth Berrick, AGENCY H’s Director of Social Media, has given me is invaluable. Elizabeth also taught me that it’s always okay to ask questions — which is good, because I ask a lot!

I’m so glad I applied for AGENCY H’s internship program. My uncertainty in my degree choice is now gone, and my nerves about working in the real world have been lessened tremendously. I’ve met some awesome people and made great connections along the way. My experience here has turned out to be everything I had hoped for and more. Years from now, I’ll be able to look back and know that AGENCY H was my first stepping stone in the right direction. And for that, I am grateful!

Are you interested in an internship at AGENCY H Inbound? Talk to us about what you can do and where you want to be. Our intern program can help you get started on your career path with the knowledge and skills you need to become successful in the field of inbound marketing. Furthermore, if you’re looking to gain the upper hand before starting that career path, read our blog and peruse our downloadable resources to become an inbound marketing expert in no time! And for the record, a whole bunch of us here at AGENCY H started as interns.