Dispatches from the intern desk: What I’ve learned at BIGSHOT Inbound

interning in inbound marketing

For the last month, Abbie Voorhies has been a creative intern in AGENCY H’s web design department. A graduate of Northwestern Missouri State University, Abbie has been a stellar addition to the AGENCY H creative team. As her internship winds down, we’ve asked Abbie to jot down some of her thoughts about what she’s learned so far about inbound marketing and agency life.

Like a dark cloud, the obligation of an internship hovered over me throughout my college years: “Remember seniors, you cannot graduate until you have completed an internship! Don’t be the one to put this off until the last minute!”

Was I the most awful procrastinator in the throng of awful procrastinators at Northwest Missouri State University? No. No, I had a plan all along.

As this year’s school days are slowly (oh so slowly) coming to an end, every student worth their salt is trying to scramble all their mighty power to get everything marked off their to-do list. I’ve been a proactive student — and majoring in graphic design with two minors (advertising and interactive digital media) has given me plenty of time (and assignments) to hone my skills. I’ve skipped naps, chugged endless cups of coffee, and doubled-down on the never-ending assignments.

I just needed one chance to prove myself. One agency with a solid reputation to say, “Yes, Abbie, we will take you into our arms and nurture your skills!” One company who saw potential in me and was willing to give me a shot. Just one.

AGENCY H Inbound is my one. From the moment I walked in the door, I have never felt so apart of a team before than I do at AGENCY H. Everyone welcomed me in as one of their own, straight from the get go — even the guard dogs, Whiskey and Murray. 

Everyday, I learn something new. I can feel my skills growing. I’m becoming faster on design softwares, and my knowledge of inbound marketing continues to grow. I can safely tell you why it is that inbound marketing agencies do it better — and with better results — than outbound agencies: because of our specialized content and supreme web skills, yo! (Also because inbound strategy focuses on clients and what will make them successful.) That’s right. I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.

AGENCY H Inbound has raised the bar for my expectations for design and marketing agencies in a way that I didn’t think was possible. The culture at AGENCY H goes beyond the 8-to-5 office gig; people here are family. The knowledge and skills of every individual has in this office adds so much more to their work.

When I started my internship at AGENCY H, I was expecting to get the intern treatment; to fill a requirement and graduate. What I got was a real-life opportunity and serious projects to work on. My time here has been valued, and the experience that I’m walking away with is invaluable. Thanks, AGENCY H!

Are you interested in an internship at AGENCY H Inbound? Talk to us about what you can do and where you want to be. Our intern program can help you get started on your career path with the knowledge and skills you need to become successful in the field of inbound marketing. Furthermore, if you’re looking to gain the upper hand before starting that career path, read our blog and peruse our downloadable resources to become an inbound marketing expert in no time! And for the record, a whole bunch of us here at AGENCY H started as interns.