DirecTV ads featuring Rob Lowe may get pulled

rob-lowe-direct-tv-ads-pulledDirecTV may soon be forced to pull its television ads featuring Rob Lowe off the air due to deceptive advertising. According to The Council of Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division (NAD), Comcast complained that their competitor is making false claims in their latest television ad campaign. DirecTV has since stated that they would file an appeal against the complaint.

In the Rob Lowe commercials, DirecTV claims that customers will benefit from 99 percent signal reliability and the “best picture quality and sound” available in the industry. DirecTV replied to Comcast’s complaint saying that the Rob Lowe ads are meant to be exaggerated, and that most consumers shouldn’t believe the character’s statements anyway.

Before it was forced to do so by the NAD, DirecTV pulled the Rob Lowe commercials off the air shortly after Comcast filed its complaint, saying it had planned to air a new series of commercials featuring another celebrity. Since the dispute began, the NAD has determined that DirecTV’s claims are substantiated, but says the brand’s message still conveys “unsupported superiority.”

To learn more about the advertising dispute between DirecTV and Comcast, check out this article provided by Variety.

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