Depend features millennials in new ads to resolve stigma

depend-ads-for-millennialsWhen most people think about the adult diaper brand Depend, visions of nursing homes and wheelchair-bound seniors immediately come to mind. To resolve the stigma surrounding the need for adult diapers, Depend has recently released a new promotional ad that shows young, healthy-looking women walking around in public wearing sexy Depend products.

According to Depend, nearly half of all Americans who face problems with incontinence and leaking bladders are under the age of 50. To bring awareness to this statistic, Depend created the “Underwareness” marketing campaign, which the brand is describing as a major “social movement.”

In addition to trying to target younger adults under the age of 50, Depend also hopes its marketing campaign will appeal to those over the age of 50 who may be feeling the effects of the aging process due to incontinence. Rival brands of Depend, including Procter & Gamble’s Always, will also be reentering the adult diaper market now that Baby Boomers have more of a need for the product.

To learn more about Depend’s brave new marketing campaign for adult diapers, read this article written by Mashable.