Content marketing vs Inbound marketing

inbound content marketingYou’ve most likely heard the two terms before: content marketing and inbound marketing. Are they the same or are they different? Is one a subset of the other? Both tend to compliment each other in conversation and now, more than ever before, we’re using both terms with the same meaning.

Content marketing

It’s all about content. Without language, we couldn’t communicate and communication is the fundamental basis of content marketing. You have to talk to your target audience in a way that is appealing, easy-to-understand, and leads to conversions. Without content, you wouldn’t have anything to give your target audience to read, or they would fail to understand that you have something for them to do, whether it be purchasing a product or service, or performing an action.

Inbound marketing

Using content, inbound marketing is about attracting your target audience and giving them offers throughout the sales funnel to ultimately convert them into leads and paying customers. Through the use of search engine optimization (SEO), blogs, ebooks, and easily understandable content written for the user, inbound marketing works to draw customers in using a pull strategy, rather than pushing ads at them with traditional advertising.

The difference

Ultimately, there isn’t much of a difference between content marketing and inbound marketing. Both are very similar in that many marketers, marketing automation users, and Facebook users believe content marketing is a subset of inbound marketing according to a study by HubSpot. Without content, inbound marketing wouldn’t function properly even with the few valuable projects – technical SEO, freemium trials, interactive tools – that can exist outside of the scope of content marketing. Limiting yourself will cause loss in the potential impact you can have as a marketer without the use of content marketing with inbound marketing.

When it comes to content/inbound marketing you should think in terms of “and” not “or.” Include all content assets when developing your inbound strategy and you’ll be on your way to developing the kind of marketing people enjoy.

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