Can social media managers benefit from working weekends?

social-media-on-weekendsResearch shows that the peak hours for online social media usage is highest at the same time all business activity is at its lowest, which does make logical sense if you think about it. After all, social media is where people go to be social, which usually happens at night and on weekends when people have free time. Unfortunately, traditional business hours typically take place during daytime hours Monday through Friday, and most employees now even consider Friday a “casual, relaxed” half-day.

Market research shows that most retweets and mentions will take place on Sundays, which is when social media managers and businesses are offline enjoying their own weekends. What many businesses fail to take into consideration is that they’re posting tweets mostly during low-usage times on Twitter.

Researchers say that social media activity is most likely at its highest on weekends because people are catching up on what they missed while being busy the previous week. From a customer service standpoint, think about what being available on weekends could do for your brand, reputation, and business overall. Your followers expect you to be available to respond to them about questions or complaints, or to thank them for mentioning your business or retweeting your content. Otherwise, you may miss connections with your followers if you wait until Monday to respond when they are at work themselves and unable to respond back on social media.

A recent Fortune 500 study found that companies that engaged in real-time with their customers experienced a three percent average increase in company stock value, while those who failed to engage in real-time ended up losing an average of two percent company stock value.

Despite what the data shows, most businesses will likely continue with only being available on social media Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Is your business in a position to have your social media manager be available to customers on weekends?

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