How can you sleep at night without an SEO campaign?

why you need an SEO campaign

I lie awake some nights replaying conversations in my head, conjuring up flawless rebuttals to arguments I’ve already lost. I spend other nights analyzing my every action during the previous day, wondering if it was truly necessary to eat that entire large pizza after 8 p.m. Recently though, I’ve found myself thinking about something more worthwhile: the future. Not my own future, but what lies ahead for the ever-changing media landscape.

Some business owners still rely on Yellow Pages for brand awareness. The only other person I know that uses Yellow Pages is my girlfriend, who stacks them to create a booster seat to see over the wheel in my car.

How can someone comfortably refuse to develop an online presence and be overshadowed by their competition? How can someone use search engines in their personal lives while not adapting their businesses to include SEO practices?

I’m not even a business owner, yet I’m the one losing sleep. How can YOU sleep at night without an SEO campaign?

SEO provides optimal brand awareness and trust

If you are running a business that shows up on the first page of organic search results then you will naturally be more trusted than a business that shows up on the second page.  The first page of organic results receives 90 percent of the clicks. This means if you’re trying to hide a dead body, you should do so on the second page of Google’s search results, as it will never be found.

Let’s say that your business sells organic peppers. If an individual searches for “organic peppers” and you show up on the first page, that’s good stuff.

Now let’s say they search for “organic peppers near me,” and you show up AGAIN. Even better.

They do a third and final search for “cheapest organic peppers,” and once again, your business is displayed on the first page. The individual may not immediately make a purchase, but there is no doubt that they have recognized that your brand has been right in front of their nose for all of their searches and you’ll be on their mind when they take the plunge and purchase peppers.

SEO has a higher ROI than other marketing tactics

The sooner you start your SEO campaign, the better. The longer you wait, the better access your competitors will have for lucrative keywords.

Everything you add onto your website will be permanent, and will increase your brand’s authority and search visibility. Every link you make (and, for that matter, piece of content you publish) will benefit you. Over time, your brand will receive more referral traffic and inbound links — ultimately leading to more conversions.

SEO provides better insight into your customers

SEO will bring in traffic, but this traffic is extremely valuable. Google Analytics will track the traffic that’s coming in, providing you with key insights about your customers such as:

  •      How your customers search
  •      What language they use when searching
  •      How they browse content after they search
  •      Their location (to see if your customers are mostly local or out of town)
  •      The technology they use

Having these insights will allow you to optimize your campaign to better fit your audience. This is a targeted approach that will only become more refined as long as you’re investing in SEO practices.

You’re probably lying in bed reading this, worrying about your lack of SEO, and losing sleep. Want some help getting a good night’s rest? Here at AGENCY H, we can provide your business with a flawless SEO campaign and inbound marketing strategy. Call us at 816-471-1877 or contact us online, so we can ensure your business is obtaining leads overnight while you rest your weary head.

Sweet dreams.