Building a global presence with culture-sensitive content

reaching a global audienceWhether it’s your intention or not, your business may attract international audiences. If you’re prepared to provide your services for international consumers, then you need to take a few steps to ensure your website’s content is conducive to serving a global audience.

If your services are only available in the United States, keep in mind an international audience doesn’t exclusively refer to someone abroad. An international consumer may be a foreign business owner living in the United States, who may still be unfamiliar with many cultural concepts.

Check out the following tips to learn how to effectively reach a global audience:

Always be aware of cultural differences

Though an occasional reference might not seem like a big deal, writing about sports, holidays, religious events, and even the fiscal calendar year may isolate certain audience members and drive them to another service provider.

Referencing to these types of events are valuable in attracting a domestic audience, especially if you are posting your content when the events are trending. So, don’t avoid writing about them because you can fail to attract or entertain a large part of your audience. Instead, you can compromise by including brief comments about what the event is. It doesn’t even have to be that detailed. For example, you could write, “Football, a common sport in America, is . . .” and continue with your point from there.

Time zones, weather differences, and monetary factors are other important international differences marketers need to be aware of.

Use a professional translator

Services, like Google Translate, automatically translate your website to a host of different languages. However, it often misrepresents certain distinctions and tones. Hiring a professional translator can help you keep your website clean and show your international audiences you care about them.

Now, hiring a translator for every written language in the world may be a little over the top for most businesses, but you might benefit from one or two specifically targeted translations. For example, in the United States, 41 million people are Spanish speakers with only 11 million of those being bilingual. So, you may want your website to be fluent in Spanish as well as English, so you can successfully reach both audiences.

Another example, if you know your business will be providing or receiving services to or from China, you may want to professionally translate your site rather than relying on automatic translators.

Use cross-culturally relevant images

Images that use a lot of text or that rely on the viewer’s knowledge of a location can alienate your international audience. A lot of stock images incorporate English text. These lines of text might not be understood by global audiences. If you take the time to choose a picture that effectively supports your article without using words, you will be communicating more effectively.

Talk with your marketing team about ways you can effectively attract an international consumer base. Efforts directed toward the global audience can lead to an increase in your consumer base and a greater ROI.

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