How to boost pageviews on old content by over 400%

boosting pageviews on old contentEvergreen content is generally defined as timeless SEO content that stays fresh and relevant over a long period of time. While news articles, statistics updates, and content about holidays and fads can be effective at generating inbound traffic for your site, these types of content eventually expire, and join the ranks of dead blog articles that no longer get read.

On the other hand, evergreen articles that offer tips, reviews, tutorials, and lists can continue to bring in traffic for the lifespan of your website and help you maximize your ROI.

The content marketing team at Ahrefs SEO Tools recently experimented with updating outdated blog posts to see if they could revive their once-popular articles. As a result, they were able to boost pageviews by 468%! Here are the tips and tricks they share for breathing new life into old content.

Check for possible revisions

Writers and content marketers know that when they review old articles, theyâ€re bound to find at least one opportunity for revision. This might involve correcting spelling and grammatical errors, or revising certain sentences for a better flow. Make small edits here and there to old content to make it sound better and to enhance clarity. Also, donâ€t forget to rewrite any out-of-date information so it stays fresh and relevant.

Change the publish date

When making changes to old posts, change the publish date to todayâ€s date to notify Google and your audience that youâ€ve made updates. This also bumps the post to the top of your blog page. Now, people can visit your site to learn about the NEWEST new social media platforms, instead of landing on pages that feature outdated information about Facebook and Twitter.

Promote old content like new articles

Treat updated blog posts just like new articles, and share them across all channels, including social media and newsletters. This helps boost the SERP (search engine results pages) ranking for your blog posts so you can drive more traffic to your site.

Replace old links

Review all links to internal and external sources to confirm that the links still work, and lead to fresh, relevant sources. Replace links that take readers to outdated content with links that offer better, newer, and more relevant content.

Maximize your keywords

In some cases, keyword placement can negatively affect the stats of fresh, well-written content, even if you think it already classifies as evergreen. Update blog post titles and slugs so they contain main keywords, and include main keywords within the first 100 words of each article. Additionally, include the keyword in at least one subheading, and in the metadata for the best results.

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